Smackdown – November 18, 2004

Date: November 18, 2004
Location: Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
Attendance: 5,500
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

We’re done with Survivor Series and unlike Raw, there isn’t much to go on at this point. Team Guerrero won the big match on Sunday and World Champion John Bradshaw Layfield retained the title by cheating to beat Booker T. There is one big match set up for this week though, as United States Champion Carlito defends against John Cena. Let’s get to it.

Here’s a serious John Cena to get things going. Cena says the champ is back and talks about Carlito thinking he’s man enough to steal a chain. Carlito tried to have him taken out in a nightclub to take everything away from him. That’s why tonight we’ll see if Carlito is man enough to go face to face and handle his business. With the serious part out of the way, Cena starts rhyming about being on fire and how Carlito needs to retire. It’s time for the tides to switch and everyone knows that payback is a censored (their censoring, not mine). As usual, serious Cena brings the goods.

And now, Tough Enough. At least they didn’t open the show with them for a change. Chris Nawrocki still won’t quit. This week’s elimination: Chris Nawrocki. With that out of the way, the remaining five head to the ring where Snow introduces them again and it’s time for a challenge. This week there’s a flag set up in a corner and you have to get by the Basham Brothers to capture it. Al Snow reads off a bunch of rules, basically saying it’s grappling and strength instead of fighting.

Everyone has thirty seconds and it’s Mike Mizanin starting things off. He’s taken down with ease and the Bashams lay on him until a rope break lets Mizanin get up. The remaining nine seconds don’t work either and time is up.

Ryan Reeves goes next and powers into them, which works better but he still can’t get past the middle of the ring. He certainly got closer than Mizanin.

Daniel Rodimer is third and uses the size to get close but they have to stop the clock at nine seconds because they’re in the ropes. Why they didn’t stop it when Reeves was in the ropes isn’t clear but the Bashams take him down again and time expires.

Justice Smith goes fourth and tries a straight ahead approach, which gets him the closest so far, though still not that close.

Daniel Puder goes last and gets a foot or two away before being pulled back by the numbers game.

Snow says the Bashams win the contest.

Rey Mysterio walks in on Michelle McCool and Rob Van Dam stretching. This is in no way an excuse to have Michelle stretching in limited clothing or to have Van Dam bridging up from his back and managing to do the finger point anyway.

We look at Carlito’s debut where he won the US Title.

Carlito and Jesus come in to see Theodore Long with Carlito claiming a shoulder injury to keep himself out of the match. Even the doctor’s note and the x-rays aren’t enough to sway Long, because Cena was stabbed six weeks ago and is wrestling anyway. Carlito yells in Spanish but Long only understands Ebonics. Oh and swallow that apple.

Paul Heyman straps Heidenreich into the straitjacket and tells him that the match against Undertaker was a moral victory. Heidenreich is Undertaker’s own personal demon and Heyman has never seen Undertaker look at anyone that way. For tonight though, Heidenreich needs to focus on Charlie Haas. Heidenreich says let’s get this over with (amen brother), sounding more solemn than ever.

Heidenreich vs. Charlie Haas

Haas is ready to fight but Heidenreich needs to fold up his straitjacket so Heyman can hold it. Charlie jumps him from behind, knocking Heyman and the straitjacket to the floor. Heidenreich snaps and hits a shoulder breaker but doesn’t cover. Instead he slaps the mat and bails to the floor, shouting about how he didn’t fail until it’s a countout.

Post match Heidenreich goes into the crowd, lays on the ground, and shouts about how he can’t fail.

Rob Van Dam/Rey Mysterio vs. Kenzo Suzuki/Rene Dupree

Non-title. Kenzo kicks Van Dam to start and gets kicked in the face for his efforts. Rob picks Rey up and hits a double legdrop with Cole describing them as supple tonight. Uh, yeah. Kenzo starts in on Rey’s knee and Rene trips him to the floor like a true villain. With Rob making the save, Rey is fine enough to hit a top rope dropkick on Suzuki. Back from a break with Rey still in trouble and Kenzo possibly having a broken nose.

A top rope hurricanrana sends Dupree flying but Kenzo is right back in to whip Rey into the corner. The chinlock goes on as Cole talks about Kenzo being part of the Japanese national rugby team. Tazz finds this to be the most amazing thing ever and goes into a rant about Japanese baseball players for reasons I don’t think I want to understand.

Kenzo drops a knee for two and it’s off to an armbar. The sitout bulldog plants Kenzo and it’s off to Van Dam for the stepover kick and a top rope kick to the face to put Dupree outside. Rey’s springboard seated senton sends Kenzo into a sunset flip from Van Dam for two. The 619 into the Five Star finishes Suzuki.

Rating: D+. Imagine that: Suzuki and Dupree are enough to bring down two of the best performers in the company. This was another lame performance from the champs as they desperately need to drop the belts already. They’re a bad evil foreigner team and at the moment, Mysterio and Van Dam are the only viable option to take the titles.

We look at Carlito taking the US Title from Cena via shenanigans.

Here’s Kurt Angle for a chat. He’s the most giving superstar on the roster and to prove it, he’s introducing the Kurt Angle Invitational. Every week, a hometown star can get in the ring with him because he’s here to prove that no one can beat him. If by some miracle he loses though, the winner will receive his gold medal.

Kurt Angle vs. Dean Visk

Visk wrestled in OVW for awhile. Angle wrestles him to the mat for some slaps to the back of the head as the confidence is already high. Dean takes him down as well but Angle’s offer of a handshake is a ruse for a poke to the eye. It’s a belly to belly into the Angle Slam into the ankle lock to make Dean tap.

Orlando Jordan meets JBL’s new image consultant Amy Weber.

We look at Carlito denying being involved in John Cena’s attack.

Here are JBL and Orlando Jordan for the Survivor Series victory speech. It is morning in American and the swing state of Ohio is coming up JBL. Every few years, someone comes up head and shoulders above the rest. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dominique Wilkins were great but then came Michael Jordan. Eddie Guerrero, Booker T. and the Undertaker have been cornerstones of this company but they came along in the JBL Era.

The fans here will remember this night forever and it’s all because of JBL. Since JBL has been champion, the economy is up, unemployment is down and there has not been a major terrorist attack on American soil. He is the symbol of America but here’s Booker T. to interrupt. Booker calls Orlando a house boy who slid the title in to save JBL’s championship. He wants a rematch right here tonight but here’s Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie isn’t here to disrespect Booker but he’s never forgetting what JBL did to his family. It’s time for Eddie to get the title back. Booker says this is his night…and there’s the gong. Undertaker comes to the ring and motions that he wants the title, sending JBL and Jordan running. JBL says he can say it in Spanish, hip hop and monster: none of the three of them are getting a shot. Theodore Long, four way, Armageddon.

Here are the Tough Enough guys. Each one gets a chance to get you to vote for him, with each of them saying it’s their dream to get in this business. Go vote.

Joy Giovanni works on Carlito’s shoulder because the Diva Search women are now just working in various jobs in WWE.

We look at Cena chasing Carlito out of Survivor Series.

US Title: Carlito vs. John Cena

Carlito is defending and has a bad shoulder. Cena beats up Jesus and throws Carlito into the barricade for some right hands to the head. A chair show crushes the shoulder and we get the opening bell. We also get the FU to give Cena the title back in less than thirty seconds.

Post match Cena goes to get the chain back but Jesus jumps him from behind, going after the bad kidney. A chain to the kidney has Cena down and the medics run in to check on him. Even Tazz is in there as Cena does a stretcher job to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. This wasn’t exactly a wrestling show with three matches too short to rate and a fourth that was rather boring. Cena winning the title back but going on the shelf again with the kidney deal is just about the same situation that we had before, albeit with Cena holding the title instead of Carlito. Other than that, it was a lot of talking to set things up for later, which doesn’t make for a good show here.

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