What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – May 27, 1995

Gordon Solie, Larry Zbyszko, and Dusty Rhodes are doing commentary and they are taped from an undisclosed location.  Zybszko congratulates Solie and Rhodes for getting into the WCW Hall of Fame before comparing today’s Brad Armstrong-Sergeant Craig Pittman main event to an electromagnetic field.

Gene Okerlund narrates pictures that recap the events that transpired on Slamboree and the pre-show that aired on Main Event.  Attention is brought to the big man who was interested in the main event but was not identified during the broadcast.

Opening Contest:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan (17-2) beats Chris Nelson after a three-point stance clothesline at 2:26:

Duggan laughs off Nelson’s attempts at offense since he towers over the jobber and outweighs him by at least one hundred pounds.  After Duggan’s win the camera pans the crowd, who are sitting on their hands and looking bored.  That stands in stark contrast to the piped in crowd noise the television viewers hear.

Stars & Stripes (18-7) defeat Len Denton & Jimmy Rogers when Marcus Bagwell pins Rogers after a suplex-flying body press combination at 6:06:

Denton wrestled Curt Hennig for the American Wrestling Association (AWA) World Championship in 1988, pushing Hennig to the limit and getting the title held up for a short time.  Jake Roberts also credits him as the wrestler whose foot he tripped over during a front facelock in Mid-South, resulting in the accidental creation of the DDT.  Rhodes puts Denton over, saying that if he had a better partner that he could go places.  The miraculous power of Denton helps the enhancement team push Stars & Stripes in a longer match, but the problem is that their offense is limited to the usual jobberific punches and kicks so they do not outshine the real stars.  That just makes Stars & Stripes look bad, though.

Okerlund provides the first Great American Bash Control Center.  The show will take place on June 18 in Dayton, Ohio and will be main evented by Randy Savage facing Ric Flair.  Also, Television Champion Arn Anderson will defend his title against the Renegade (who has yet to wrestle a match).  Finally, Brian Pillman is booked to face Alex Wright.  Pillman and Wright do taped promos with both men pledging to show some high-flying moves.  Wright’s promo is awful because of the language barrier.  His speech is incredibly awkward and WCW did him no favors exposing him in this fashion.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear which UFC star WCW is negotiating with!

Solie recaps action from the United States Championship Tournament where Sting and Meng have advanced to the semi-finals.

Paul Orndorff (6-3) pins Joey Maggs after a piledriver at 6:16:

Solie says Maggs could pull the upset today, although he concedes that Maggs has a “sketchy win-loss record.”  The slow style that Orndorff has been working for much of the year continues here, dragging things out when Mr. Wonderful needs a quick squash to rebuild him after a loss to the Great Muta at Slamboree.  Maggs puts together a nice offensive series near the end but his dive off the second rope eats elbow and a piledriver is enough to put him down for the count.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (16-0) defeats Brad Armstrong (2-3) via referee stoppage at 9:05:

Pittman has been begging for better competition and he gets his wish today against a grizzled veteran in Armstrong.  This is the first match where Pittman must sell for someone and, judging by this contest, he has a lot to learn.  In contrast, Armstrong puts over Pittman’s arm work to the point that one would think his left arm was about to fall off.   This eventually inhibits his ability to defend himself and Pittman clamps on the Code Red.  However, Armstrong refuses to quit, and referee Randy Anderson has to call for the bell.  That finish is fine if Armstrong warrants protection later for a bigger role, but he is not going to have one due to WCW firing him shortly after this taping so why do it?  Rating:  **¼

The announcers hype the live edition of WCW Saturday Night in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The show is headlined by Alex Wright facing Ric Flair and Randy Savage squaring off against Steve Austin in U.S. tournament bouts.

The Last Word:  Armstrong’s traditional role as a mechanic was on display in the main event as he wrestled a submission-based style that gelled with what Pittman’s strengths were and made the rookie look good.  The longer squashes were not good, though, and killed the show’s momentum.

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