Bye Bye Brock?

I was as big of a Brock Lesnar fan as anybody and even traveled to Chicago to see his return match against John Cena.  I even was a fan of the decision to have him break the Undertaker’s streak as it solidified him as an unstoppable monster on a different plane than the rest of the roster.  But even I stopped giving a shit by the time he got the big red belt and obviously I wasn’t alone.

With Brock Lesnar jerking the curtain at Mania and basically being squashed by Seth Rollins, do you think we’ll ever see him again in a meaningful capacity?  I could see him still doing the $audi shows, but even Vince by now has to realize that nobody else wants to see Brock get millions to have the same five-minute match anymore, right?

He’ll be back by Summerslam to con Vince out of another million with vague rumours of a fight with Daniel Cormier that will never happen.  Maybe another couple of million to work the Fox debut.