WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 15th, 1993

August 15, 1993

From the Crete Civic Center in Plattsburg, NY

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

This week in action are Adam Bomb, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Bushwhackers, The Quebecers, and a vignette on Ludvig Borga.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Reno Riggins & Gus Kantarakis

We get an insert of the new “WWF Magazine” cover that features a shirtless Lex Luger in a pose that makes it look like Playgirl magazine. Men on a Mission work over Riggins as the crowd cheers when Mabel is on offense. Oscar tells us it doesn’t get better than this as Kantarakis is now getting worked over then MoM put Kantarakis away after Mo pushed Mabel on top for the win (2:39).

Thoughts: Mabel seems to be getting over a bit as a huge dude but this act is just too corny.


Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo vs. Scott Despres

Bomb beats down Despres then takes him down with a slingshot clothesline. Polo then tells Bomb to finish off Despres and Bomb hits the Atom Smasher for the win (1:39).

Thoughts: The same as every other Bomb squash match. Oddly enough, Bomb & Bigelow were being featured on “Face to Face” segments in the coming weeks to challenge the Steiners at house show matches but they never happened. Bomb & Bigelow did team up to face The Quebecers a few times next month.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We get the “Call to Action” campaign montage then the footage from the contract signing on RAW


Dan Dubiel vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon

Bigelow beats on Dubiel as we hear from Tatanka & Smoking Gunns in an insert promo hyping up the SummerSlam six-man tag match. Bigelow then hits Dubiel with a falling headbutt then a flying headbutt for the win (1:01).

Thoughts: Some hype for the SummerSlam six-man tag match.


King’s Court with guest Razor Ramon. Lawler mocks Razor for losing to the 1-2-3 Kid and his career now in a downswing. Lawler now wants to know how Razor feels after getting humiliated by Kid then Razor reminds us how the Kid beat Ted DiBiase. Lawler then tells Razor that DiBiase was kind enough to offer him a job after he became broke and that DiBiase told him he will break Razor in half and at the end of SummerSlam will be shining his shoes. Razor then says he is happy to fight a “mang” instead of a kid and the difference between DiBiase and himself is that DiBiase was given everything in his life while he fought and scratched for everything he has in his life. Razor then promises to show DiBiase just how bad he can be at SummerSlam. Basic face promo from Razor here as they are giving his match against DiBiase a lot of hype on TV.


We get another video package of Ludvig Borga as he once again talks about destroying American athletes.


Barry Horowitz & Blake Beverly vs. The Bushwhackers

Heenan says that Borga will be facing Marty Jannetty at SummerSlam. Butch works over Blake to start. Blake catches Butch with an elbow smash then tags out but Horowitz accidentally hits Blake with an elbow smash off of the middle rope. Blake and Horowitz yell then almost come to blows but the Bushwhackers attack them from behind. The match settles down as Blake tags out and tosses Horowitz into the ring then Horowitz is hit with a Battering Ram for the win (2:31).

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers are essentially company mascots at this point and barely on TV nevermind being involved in any plans.


The “WrestleMania” music video airs.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


Mike Bucci & Mike Moraldo vs. The Quebecers

Bucci has some really ugly orange singlet. He then eats a double hotshot and an assisted senton as Heenan asks if Bucci was the kid from the “Partridge Family,” joking that he is Danny Bonaduce.  The Quebecers now beat on Moraldo then Jacques assists Pierre with a top rope somersault senton for the win (2:19).

Thoughts: We saw some more good double-team stuff from The Quebecers here as they are being established as a team.


Next week, Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji, and Jim Cornette will be guests on the King’s Court (oddly enough, only Yokozuna & Cornette were shown on the graphic). In action are Razor Ramon, Heavenly Bodies, 1-2-3 Kid, Smoking Gunns, and Ludvig Borga. The show closes with a scroll of the Lex Express tour dates.


Final Thoughts: Another dull edition of Challenge. Razor was fine on the King’s Court but other than that it was all generic SummerSlam hype.