What’s best for business

Hey Scott,

With all the talk about WWE superstars wanting out and possibly signing with AEW, isn't it in Vince's best interest to let these people go?

My reasoning is that the WWE has established there brand to be bigger than any superstar. Plus the amount of talent in WWE seems to have hurt/handicapped the creative side and even with the amount of programing theres not enough time for everyone.

I think Vince and HHH deep down would like to have some major competition to take on and eventually put out of business.
It's absolutely for the best to let them go.  Just look at how Drew McIntyre managed to reinvent himself, for example.  In some ways, though, it's best for talent to be in a situation like JG was where you're little getting paid to sit at home and not go anywhere else.  Depends on what the motivations of the talent are, I suppose.