The Hart Foundation

I’m sure you know there’s a site dedicated to matches you’ve rated 4-stars and above.

What surprised me was that I didn’t see any Hart Foundation matches on there (meaning the original Bret/Anvil team.)

I always got the impression they were your favorite team, so could you share some of your favorite Hart Foundation matches? 

Most of 1986 and 87, where they had an amazing run of matches against the Bulldogs.  The Demolition title win at Summerslam 90 is one of my personal favorite matches of all time, although not technically the best or anything.  There was a match they had against the Legion of Doom on Coliseum Video in 1990 or 91 where they were having a decent babyface match and then Bret turned himself heel with a cheapshot from the apron and it turned GREAT.  Actually LOD v. Harts was a dynamic that was sadly never explored because they would have had some incredible matches, I think.