Strong Style Saturday Thread

Welcome to the weekend!  I’m finally recovered enough from the burnout that was Wrestlemania to start writing again, so enjoy Superstars this morning, plus a little bonus for your patience with the week of reposts.

Dana White says the Brock v. Cormier fight probably isn’t even happening, so don’t hold your breath.  Well, if Dana White says it, you can take it to the bank.

Apparently Sasha Banks unfollowed WWE on Twitter, which is like the millennial version of Stan Hansen running over the AWA title with his truck.  SAVAGE, Sasha!

Most importantly, when Disney+ launches in November, it will now have every episode of the Simpsons thanks to sweet, sweet corporate synergy.  Adult Swim launched here in Canada this week, too, and it’s like the 24 hour Family Guy / Archer / Rick & Morty station, apparently.  Not that I’m complaining.

Have an adequate Saturday, and enjoy the NHL playoffs, unless you’re cheering for the Leafs and/or the Flames, in which case you and your team can die in a fire.  Sorry, that’s a little harsh.  Maybe just get seriously burned in a fire with a strong chance of recovery.