Marty Jannetty

Did Vince McMahon try to make Marty Jannetty as successful as his old tag-team partner Shawn Michaels?  When Jannetty returned to the WWF and beat Michaels for the I.C. Title on an early episode of Raw, it seemed they were really attempting to push Jannetty hard at that point.  I take it Vince saw the writing on the wall and gave up with him?  I always thought he was a decent worker, but just didn't have "it"  

Oh, he had "it" all right.  And then he got caught with "it" and a bunch of other things.  The fact that Vince tried to push him as many times as he did and even put multiple titles on him says that he was fully willing to give him as many chances as needed to get over and Marty was the one who fucked it up.  If he hadn't showed up at Rumble 93 with more shit in his system than Jon Jones on weigh-in day, he probably would have won the title there and got a push for years afterwards.