WWF Monday Night RAW – August 9th, 1993

August 9, 1993

From the Castle Recreation Center in Alexandria Bay, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan


We see a brief video of Lex Luger in Chicago as he was shown speaking with Chicago White Sox outfielder Tim Raines.


Tonight, we get Tatanka vs. Mr. Hughes, the Macho Midget teaming with the Bushwhackers in a six-man tag match, and the


Mr. Hughes w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Tatanka

Hughes attacks Tatanka from behind then hammers away. Tatanka goes up for a leap frog and Hughes did not appear to duck down enough and clips Tatanka then the two stare each other as the announcers call out Hughes for not capitalizing while Tatanka was down. Hughes now hammers away in the corner but misses a charge as Tatanka uses a rollup for a two count. We see another wreath for Hughes at ringside then Hughes regains control after poking the eyes. Tatanka comes back with a crossbody but after that runs into a clothesline. Hughes beats down Tatanka as we go to commercial and the action returns with Hughes working a chinlock. Hughes misses a corner splash and in the process crack his glasses against the post. Tatanka now fires up and hits several chops but Hughes sidesteps a charge and sends Tatanka outside. Hughes glasses are off now as he slams Tatanka on the floor. Hughes charges after Tatanka for some reason and gets backdropped then Tatanka rolls inside and just beats the ten count for the win (4:58) 3/4*. After the match, Whippleman distracts Tatanka so Hughes can attack from behind with the urn. Hughes then brings the wreath inside of the ring and throws it on top of Tatanka then celebrates by raising the urn.

Thoughts: It was worked at a fast pace but Hughes was horrible here. Even the announcers were calling him out on stuff. The finish was to keep Tatanka’s undefeated streak going despite the fact they have no clue what to do with it and keep Hughes strong which is a bit funny since he would get fired a couple of weeks after this aired.


We get another “Who is Lex Luger” piece about his time at the University of Miami. Luger said he made mistakes and hung out with the wrong crowd and got kicked out. After that, Luger went to pro football (CFL) and was told by everyone not to go at that age (19) but started his first season and then went to the USFL and NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Luger then talked about using football as a stepping stone and played two more years that he planned. He was going to go to Stetson University in Florida for grad school to become a lawyer but trained in Florida and was in the ring three months later. At least this made him more identifiable in showing how he learned from his mistakes after getting kicked out of college.


Macho Midget & The Bushwhackers vs. Blake Beverly & Brooklyn Brawler & Little Louie

The Macho Midget dances and Vince cackles like a moron. We then learn that Bushwhackers vs. Quebecers will take place this coming Sunday on “All-American Wrestling.” Blake misses a charge in the corner then Luke bites him in the ass. The match breaks down with the faces all biting their opponents in the ass until they clear the ring. Bushwhackers & Macho Midget march around the ring then it settles down with Louie beating on the Macho Midget. Louie keeps running the ropes after getting outsmarted by Macho Midget and gets hit with a dropkick. Butch tags and bulldogs Blake then avoids Brawler breaking it up with an elbow drop and uses a double noggin knocker. We get more comedy then the midgets fight over a test of strength as Heenan cracks jokes. Butch and Brawler are in now as Butch runs wild then the Bushwhackers hit Brawler with a double DDT and after that place Macho Midget on top and he hits a splash for the win (6:30) 1/4*. Brawler runs into a double clothesline after trying to chase around the Macho Midget.

Thoughts: I thought it was terrible, dated, and repetitive but the crowd seemed to dig this so I didn’t go with a “DUD” rating. Anyway, they are trying to make the Macho Midget into a thing but no way is it going to catch on and yes the finish was Brawler getting pinned by a midget. Also, these six were doing house show matches before this aired.


The announcers are in the ring along with WWF President Jack Tunney, Bruce Prichard and the other road agents of the era. Yokozuna comes out with Mr. Fuji and with Jim Cornette. Vince wants to know why Cornette is here as Fuji says he has hired Cornette as Yokozuna’s “American spokesman.” Cornette talks about Japan being the best worldwide and most honest people on the planet but that they have a limited knowledge of English and crooked politicians like Tunney have given them bad interpreters so he is here and will look over the contract to make sure there are no surprises thrown in by Tunney. Luger comes out now after a hyped up introduction from Vince and is wearing a suit with an American flag tie. Luger and Yokozuna sit down with Tunney asking them to sign the contract. They sign then Cornette tells Luger if he beats Yokozuna then he will be a champion but if he loses there is never going to be a chance for a rematch. Luger says he does not care about the fine print and asked for just one shot as this country is about opportunity and will just need one shot to win. The table is now moved aside as Luger talks about taking back the belt to America where it belongs and leads the crowd into a USA chant to remind Yokozuna what he will hear on his plane ride back to Japan after SummerSlam when he does not have the belt. Huge news here in Cornette being a spokesman for Yokozuna and Luger getting just one shot at the title. Cornette was needed because Fuji’s promos were awful. The USA vs. Japan theme continues for this feud and Luger still does not come off as convincing in his gimmick.


Razor Ramon vs. Dan Dubiel

Razor is sporting an American wristband as Savage says its in support of Luger to further cement that Razor has turned face. Razor beats on Dubiel then hits a fallaway slam. Heenan puts over Razor being the guest on the King’s Court for “Wrestling Challenge” as Razor hits a super belly-to-back suplex before getting the win with a Razor’s Edge (2:09).

Thoughts: Smiling babyface Razor is something I’ll have to get used to again. They are plugging his appearance on the King’s Court a lot so it seems something will happen on that show.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


We see Cornette talking with the Heavenly Bodies then Cornette yells at the camera to get away.


Back from break as Cornette is in the ring to introduce the Heavenly Bodies.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Bobby Who & Mike Bucci

Vince talks about Cornette having problems with the Armstrong family in West Virginia this past Saturday night. Its surreal listening to him talk about Smoky Mountain storylines. Bucci is the future Nova and Simon Dean, who later became an office employee for WWE. Prichard grounds Who then works the arm. Del Ray uses a blind tag and super kicks Who from behind then Prichard hits a DDT. Del Ray drags Who into the corner as Bucci is in now and gets chopped against the ropes. Del Ray then hits a floatover DDT before a side slam/knee drop combo from the Bodies. We get a double suplex after a slip up by Bucci then Prichard holds Bucci up and lets go as Del Ray comes off the top with a moonsault block and gets the win (2:37). After the match, Cornette grabs the mic and says he’s sick of his challenges being ignored and tells the Steiners they want the belts to prove they are the best team before calling Steiners cowards.

Thoughts: The Bodies did some cool double team stuff here but still, they just do not come off as a top level WWF Tag Team thus feeling like unworthy challengers for the Steiners.


We get a hype video package for Jim Duggan vs. Yokozuna and Steiner Brothers vs. Money Inc. for the Tag Team Titles in a steel cage match on the “SummerSlam Spectacular” Sunday August 22nd. Big matches announced for those types of shows.


Next week, we have a special interview with Giant Gonzalez. Also in action are Ludvig Borga, Men on a Mission, IRS vs. El Matador (never happened), and 1-2-3 Kid vs. Ted DiBiase.


Final Thoughts: Well, the streak of good RAW’s dating back from May 1st has ended. The news of Cornette being Yokozuna’s American spokesman was big as was learning of the contract clause but the action tonight was poor and stuff like the Macho Midget is terrible but luckily it did not last. And next week’s show has another Kid vs. DiBiase match which should be fun.