Smartening Up Sasha

We all know that Sasha has one of the most tell-tale job faces in the business. But with it being noted in the Observer that she tried to quit the company, and has been given time to think about what she wants to do / has gone into hiding because she and Bayley lost the women's tag titles, does this mean it's finally time for someone to sit her down and smarten her up?

Seriously though, with the current women's top tier now eclipsing her, and her desire to be on top meaning she's not likely to settle for being a utility player / challenger of the week, is there more prestige in staying in the midcard of the world's biggest wrestling promotion, or do you see her going off be a big fish in a smaller pond? Is Cody cupping his hand to his ear?

She should quit if she can.  She could definitely be a big fish in a small pond and probably have either AEW or ROH begging her to lead their women's division.  At the very least she'd be a major upgrade for the Beautiful People in ROH.