Out of touch

Hi Scott,

Where is Vince on the Verne Gagne Out of Touch Scale?

I believe the following anecdote from this week’s Observer will refute any claims of Vince being out of touch:

Another incident took place before the show. Pat McAfee, the former NFL player who worked on the pregame show, was told no jorts. So he came out with tuxedo pants that were cut into shorts. Michael Cole, who is in charge of the announcers, saw him in the shorts backstage and started yelling at him in front of for looking unprofessional. McAfee said he nearly quit right there. In fact, he went to his dressing room and started packing his things to leave. When somebody saw him packing and asked why he was packing before the show, he said, “You can tell Michael Cole to go f*** himself. I’m leaving. I’m not getting punked and yelled at like a child in front of everybody like that.”

Vince McMahon was told about it. He called McAfee in and McAfee apparently had a photo of Lebron James wearing the same type of shorts with a suit. And well, you know, if Lebron does it, it makes it fashionable and not unprofessional. Vince claimed he knows what’s hip and told McAfee he was cool wearing them. Cole then had to apologize to him.