WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 8th, 1993

August 8, 1993

From the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury, MD

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

In action are Shawn Michaels, Steiner Brothers, and Doink the Clown.


Doink the Clown vs. Tony DiMauro

Doink comes out to the ring on a unicycle. Doink mocks DiMauro then cheap shots him against the ropes. DiMauro fights back and looks incredibly uncoordinated in the process before getting knocked down. Heenan then tells us he saw Doink talk to puppets the other day as Doink works over DiMauro then puts him away with a flying sit-down splash (2:42).

Thoughts: More talk about Doink being strange but at the same time an excellent wrestler once the bell rings.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on the Tatanka/Bam Bam Bigelow feud as we see footage from last week’s “Superstars” when Tatanka saved Sensational Sherri from Bigelow & Luna Vachon. We are then told about the six-man tag at SummerSlam then hear from both men. Basically the opposite of what happened on the “Update” segment from Superstars where Gorilla broke the news of DiBiase vs. Razor and Kid vs. IRS taking place on the PPV.


Marty Jannetty vs. Reno Riggins

Marty works the arm as Ross says Heenan’s comments from last week about Tatanka being in love with Luna where false. Ross says Mr. Hughes will be here later on in the show as the crowd gets behind Marty. We get a fast-paced sequence that ends with Marty grabbing a side headlock but Riggins rakes the eyes then back. Riggins hammers away but gets kicked in the face after ducking his head. Marty then uses a Rocker Dropper before the flying fist drop gets the win (2:26).

Thoughts: Not much to say here other than the announcers still selling Marty as an attraction due to his fast-paced offense.


Mr. Hughes w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Dave Thornberg

Ross talks about Undertaker facing Hughes before SummerSlam because Whippleman wants Hughes to tear Undertaker apart. Hughes beats on Thornberg while yelling for Undertaker to pay attention. We see another wreath get delivered to ringside as Hughes stomps away then Hughes catches Thornberg with a sidewalk slam for the win (2:27). After the match, Hughes destroys the wreath.

Thoughts: Once again we get a Hughes squash match win that ends with him destroying the wreath sent by The Undertaker and you wonder why they aren’t fighting at SummerSlam.


An ad for SummerSlam airs.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


Steiner Brothers vs. The Executioners

Scott tosses around one of the Executioners as Heenan praises the abilities of the Steiners. The other Executioner tags and cheap shots Rick but ends up getting clotheslined. The announcers talk about the Tag Team division as Ross puts over the Steiners defending the titles against The Headshrinkers soon. Rick then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and tags out as Scott hits a dropkick then works the leg. Scott stays in control then uses the Frankensteiner for the win (3:33).

Thoughts: The takeaway from this is that we are getting Steiners vs. Headshrinkers title matches in the future.


We get another “Who is Lex Luger” video. This time its new as Luger puts over winning the 50 yard dash and high jump during a school field day. He also talks loving all sports and how basketball was his favorite and most successful in high school and played football to gain social acceptance. Luger also talked about being recruited for Penn St., University of Miami, and Boston College among other schools.


We get the WWF Fan Club ad with Randy Savage shown.


Glen Ruth vs. Shawn Michaels w/ Diesel

Ruth takes Shawn over with an arm drag but Shawn comes back with a pair of his own then shoves Ruth into the corner. Shawn slaps Ruth down then hammers away in the corner. Shawn then hits a flying clothesline then a super kick and after teasing a teardrop suplex uses a piledriver for the win (2:29).

Thoughts: Not much about this match with minimal talk on commentary about the Shawn/Perfect IC Title match at SummerSlam.


Next week, we will see highlights of the Luger/Yokozuna contract signing from RAW. Also in action are Men on a Mission, Quebecers, and Mr. Perfect. Plus, Razor Ramon as guest on the “King’s Court.”


We close with the “WrestleMania” music video followed by a scroll of dates for the “Lex Express Tour.”


Final Thoughts: After last week’s fun show we are back to your typical dull edition of Challenge. And with SummerSlam just three weeks away expect nothing but basic PPV hype since the card seems all but complete.