WWF All-American Wrestling – August 8th, 1993

August 8, 1993

Your hosts are Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan

This week’s exclusive match is Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart.


Shawn Michaels w/ Diesel vs. “The Rocket” Owen Hart

This match took place at the 7/25 RAW tapings in Alexandria Bay, NY. Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon are on commentary. Ross says this should be a “very, very fast-paced confrontation.” Both men trade arm wringers until Owen grabs a hammerlock. Shawn breaks in the ropes and gets shoved. Shawn jabs his finger into Owen’s chest and gets slapped then Owen goes back to work on the arm. Owen keeps working the arm for a while as Ross plugs the “SummerSlam Spectacular” in two weeks. Owen ends up running Shawn through the ropes a Shawn takes a break on the outside. Owen heads out but Diesel walks behind him and causes a distraction, allowing Shawn to punch Owen in the face. Back inside, Shawn hammers away as the announcers talk about Diesel being the difference in the IC Title match at SummerSlam as Gorilla wants to know what is preventing Mr. Perfect from asking his dad to be by his side. Shawn applies a chinlock after using a backbreaker for a nearfall and even yanks Owen back down to the mat by the hair. Owen finally escapes then takes Shawn down with a backslide for a two count but Shawn goes back on offense. Shawn goes back to the chinlock as the crowd gets behind Owen and he escapes again. Shawn eats boot on a charge then Owen catches Shawn with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Owen lands a spinning heel kick then runs the ropes and gets tripped up by Diesel and the ref sees this and awards Owen the match via DQ (7:16) **1/4. After the match, Shawn attacks Owen then Diesel comes in and hammers away.

Thoughts: Well, we did not get a fast paced confrontation here. Owen looked good in his bursts of offense but Shawn’s ringwork has decreased since his mid-section has increased and really brought things to a halt when on offense. Shocked they bothered giving Owen a DQ win here since he was putting over just about everyone at the time but Shawn got his heat back with the attack afterwards. And again, just minimal talk about Shawn vs. Perfect at SummerSlam as that feud has really taken a back seat to other midcard angles.


Back to the hosts as they talk about the IC Title match at SummerSlam.


The “Who is Lex Luger” segment from the 8/2 edition of “Monday Night RAW” airs.


Tatanka defeats Iron Mike Sharpe from the 8/1 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Ad for Tatanka vs. Mr. Hughes this Monday night on RAW.


We see Jim Cornette’s WWF debut from the 8/2 edition of “Monday Night RAW”


Now, we get a studio interview with Cornette & Heavenly Bodies hosted by Boni Blackstone. Boni asks Cornette why he is here, thinking he was content in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Cornette says he is full of surprises and promises to defeat the Steiner Brothers and take the belts back to Smoky Mountain. Boni then brings up how Jimmy Del Ray is called the “Gigolo” as Del Ray talks about being taken care of by Mrs. Vandersnoot in Florida. He then tells Boni they’d be more than happy to have her move down. Boni wants to know why Tom Prichard came up with the “Doctor of Desire” name as he says Boni is the first woman to ask him that and says if she has blood in her veins its already boiling and if she has ice water it will only take five minutes to heat up as Cornette hypes the teams in-ring debut this Monday night on RAW. I’ll be honest and while Cornette was fine and the Bodies decent enough the whole act felt quite out of place with the current WWF product.


Randy Savage defeats Doink from the 8/2 edition of “Monday Night RAW”


The hosts run through the SummerSlam card.


Mr. Hughes defeats Dave Thornberg from the 8/8 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


We now see the hosts talk about the Lex Luger/Yokozuna contract signing for RAW.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was better on paper but still better than most matches you see on these shows. And we got the first interview with the Heavenly Bodies so it had more than usual for an edition of All-American.