Becky vs. Lacey Evans?

Really? If they want to run with Lacey Evans, then whatever that's fine. But why not put her in a short program with Asuka, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, or Bayley to see how she holds up in the ring before instantly putting her in a championship match? This is similar to when Alexa Bliss' first real feud was for the SD title vs. Becky, but at least Alexa was regularly working matches for four months before then and got fans behind her because she's a good promo.

Also, don't you think it's pretty risky having Becky's first post-Wrestlemania feud be against Lacey Evans and not an Asuka/Sasha/Bayley type? I imagine Becky will win, but still. Becky isn't as over as she was a few months ago, she was kind of exposed in the ring at Wrestlemania, and I feel fans are going to start to turn on her if she's having bad match after bad match with people like Lacey Evans.

Yeah, but Lacey Evans is MONEY.  She's got the great gimmick that no one ever bothers to explain, and the military background they're playing up despite never mentioning it on TV, and she's blonde!  Do I need to draw you a map to the money here?  

Also, for people saying "Oh, it's just someone for Becky to beat so she can be reheated", remember that they were saying pretty much the same thing about Carmella at this time last year, too.