A world with 1 world title

Say the brand split never happens. Which guys never get a world title run? WWE, World, or Universal title. And overall, do we live in a better world as a result? In a WWE with only one world title, Mahal, Swagger, and Khali clearly don't go down in the history books as former world champs. JBL and Del Rio I'm not sure, as Vince seemed to have an odd fondness for those characters. 

Unfortunately, I don't think Kofi sniffs world champ status either. And though they never get world title reigns in the above scenario, I'm happy that Christian had his cup of tea with the title and was immensely entertained by Mark Henry's Hall of Pain run. I'm confident that Benoit and Bryan are rewarded with their runs based on build and how big a deal their eventual wins were treated as Mania closers, but it's certainly all debatable. 

You can also scratch Booker T and Rey Mysterio instantly.  I don't think CM Punk gets the belt either.  Probably just a lot of Orton and Cena and HHH for years on end, frankly.