What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – May 21, 1995

Gene Okerlund and Dusty Rhodes are doing commentary and they are live from St. Petersburg, Florida since tonight’s broadcast is the Slamboree pre-show.

Opening Contest:  The Blue Bloods (9-0) beat Los Especialistas when Lord Steven Regal makes Especialista #1 submit to the Regal Stretch at 1:20:

Los Especialistas are Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana in black body suits and white masks.  Both men appeared earlier in the year on WCW programming as the Cuban Connection.  The Blue Bloods waste little time winning this bout and they beat up the jobbers after the bell to get their money’s worth.

Okerlund interviews the Blue Bloods, with Regal issuing a de facto challenge to whomever wins tonight’s tag team championship match.

Steve Austin (w/Meng & Colonel Robert Parker) (10-1) pins Eddie Jackie after an inverted suplex at 1:00:

Austin seems ticked off at the world, reflecting how he has felt backstage in recent months, and he pins Jackie after doing a stun gun over the guardrail.  Bringing Meng out with Austin may be laying the foundation for some interference later in the evening when Meng is facing Austin’s tag team partner Brian Pillman.

Okerlund interviews Parker and Meng.  Parker warns Pillman to leave the arena because otherwise he will be made an example of.  Making Okerlund do double duty like this seems like poor planning on WCW’s part since Eric Bischoff, Chris Cruise, Tony Schiavone, or Gordon Solie could have done by the play-by-play.

Bischoff appears on the video screen in the arena, saying that the Monster Maniacs and the Renegade have yet to arrive at the arena.  Okerlund says that Ric Flair, Vader, and Arn Anderson are already in the Bayfront Center.

Okerlund interviews the Nasty Boys, who receive a mixed reaction.  The Nasties repeat their guarantee to walk out of St. Petersburg with the tag team titles.  Brian Knobbs also pledges to do some man-on-woman violence if Sister Sherri gets involved.  Before the promo finishes, the Blue Bloods come out and attack the Nasties with chairs.

Okerlund interviews Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Vader.  Bischoff interrupts to show Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Jimmy Hart, and Angelo Poffo arriving in a limo.  The whole segment is a mess as both sides yell over each other, although Vader redeems things a little by flexing his muscles and saying that those are going to be his secret weapons in tonight’s main event.  Hogan dares the heels to fight them in the hallway of the arena, but nothing comes of that.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (15-0) defeats Mark Starr via submission to the Code Red at 2:00:

During the contest, Okerlund announces that Tony Schiavone will not be at tonight’s show.  The reason was due to Schiavone undergoing neck surgery.  The crowd does not have a major reaction to Pittman, who does his usual set of moves to remain undefeated.

Okerlund puts over Life Magazine’s feature on the WCW Power Plant as Sting, Alex Wright, the Nasty Boys, Paul Orndorff, Colonel Robert Parker, and Harlem Heat put it over as a place to be if you want to get into professional wrestling.

United States Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals:  Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (14-0) defeats Brian Pillman (16-0) after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker at 4:38:

Pillman gives this match the old college try, but he is no match for Meng’s strikes.  Pillman’s aerial offense dazes Meng temporarily, but he is shoved into the ring post and flies off the ring apron into the guardrail after taking a thrust kick.  That should have finished things after Parker rolls Pillman into the ring, but Meng does a backbreaker for the anti-climactic ending.  Rating:  **

After the bell, Road Warrior Hawk comes in, takes out Meng, and beats up Parker.  The crowd pops big for this.  WCW jobbers and security get in the middle of both men.

Okerlund interviews Hawk after the commercial break.  Hawk puts over how WCW is the best promotion in the world, and he says Meng cannot be the best because he has not beaten him yet.  Hawk begins rambling about parachutists who died when their chutes did not open until WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel and Parker interrupt.  Bockwinkel says that Meng will face Hawk at Slamboree.

The Last Word:  The prospect of Meng-Hawk may not have brought in any additional buys for Slamboree but the concept of adding a last second match to the card and having a surprise before the pay-per-view went on the air was not a bad idea.  The broadcast dragged before the main event, but according to Dave Meltzer that was because the planned Blue Bloods-Stars & Stripes match could not happen because WCW did not realize that the Patriot was on a tour of Japan.  As a result, WCW had to drag things out which is why so many interviews took place in the middle of the show.

Backstage News*:        WCW is interested in the possibility of booking UFC star Dan Severn to face Craig Pittman at a K-1 pay-per-view show in September.  However, Severn is unlikely to work a K-1 show because of a non-compete that he has with the UFC and that he has little to gain from facing someone like Pittman.  In talent relations news, Jim Powers, Miguel Perez, and Hercules were backstage at Slamboree looking for work.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for May 29.

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