WWF Monday Night RAW – August 2nd, 1993

August 2, 1993

From the Castle Recreation Center in Alexandria Bay, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


We start off a replay with the end of last week’s show when we saw Randy Savage and Doink the Clown make a match for this week.


The hosts now cut to Savage in the locker room as Savage tells us he has his own surprise for Doink.


Steiner Brothers vs. Duane Gill & Barry Horowitz

Vince alerts us that the Steiners have issued an “open contract” to defend their titles at SummerSlam. Scott takes Horowitz over with a hip toss to start. Horowitz pats himself on the back after avoiding a charge but Scott stopped short of the corner then caught Horowitz with an overhead suplex. Vince talks about the Steiners heading home to Michigan for SummerSlam as Heenan makes fun of them. Rick tags in then soon after that hits Gill with a clothesline. Scott tags in and quickly puts Gill away with the Frankensteiner as Vince plugs a “Who is Lex Luger” interview coming up soon (2:45).

Thoughts: The big news here is that the Steiners will be defending the titles at SummerSlam as they have issued an open contract for any opponents to face them.


We now see the Luger interview. He talks about his dad stressing academics and if he did not get straight A’s in school he was not allowed to participate in athletics. And, he had to participate in another activity as his parents wanted him to be well-rounded. He then talks about being shy in high school and even too shy to ask girls out to dances and the vicious circle of being called “arrogant” when you’re shy and excel at something. I thought the production of these were good but I do not understand how telling people its a struggle to have your shyness misconstrued as arrogance is the best way to get over with the fans, especially one month removed from the Narcissist gimmick that was dropped without explanation one day so Luger could appear as the Patriotic savoir the following day. Tone deaf segment, IMO.


Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo vs. Tony Roy

Vince plugs the official contract signing between Luger and Yokozuna next week on RAW. Bomb takes Roy down then uses a pair of mat slams. Vince then plugs the USA premiere of the film “Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair” as Heenan jokes that its about Marilyn and himself. Bomb stays in control as Polo wants us to thank his parents for having him then Bomb puts Roy away with the Atom Smasher (2:18).

Thoughts: They’re trying to get over Bomb’s ring entrance when he reveals his colored eyes and tongue as being shocking but this act has been a dud so far and his matches exclusively a backdrop to talk about anything else going on in the company or as we saw here the USA Network.


We get a video package for next week’s Tatanka vs. Mr. Hughes match.


Doink the Clown vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Vince tells us that Savage is dedicating this match to Crush and that Crush will be returning to action soon. Savage checks underneath the ring to see if there are any more Doinks. Savage avoids a cheap shot then Doink laughs in the corner. Vince brings up Savage having a “little surprise” for Doink as Savage works the arm. Doink bites Savage then Savage ducks out and attempts to toss a chair into the ring but it bounces off of the ropes so he brings it in and has it taken away. Doink beats on Savage then applies a Boston Crab then faces the ropes and holds them for leverage as Vince yells at him to stop while Heenan asks “Don’t you know how to cheat?” Doink now attacks the leg in the corner but Savage fights back and takes Doink outside with a high knee. Savage tries to whip Doink into the post but that gets reversed and we go to break. The match returns with Savage escaping a neckbreaker submission but Doink beats him down in the corner. Heenan plugs Shawn Michaels this week as a special guest on “All-American Wrestling (which will be recapped)” then Heenan jokes the winner of this match will get custody of Todd Pettengill. Doink gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex then applies an abdominal stretch. Doink now works a reverse chinlock as the fans rally behind Savage. Doink catches Savage with a slam then heads up top for the sit–down splash but misses. Savage tries to fire up but Doink pokes his eye and tosses him outside. Doink knocks Savage off of the apron then Savage crawls underneath the ring then we see a midget version of Savage come out as Doink laughs. The midget is wearing a Savage mask then Doink laughs before coming out to chase him around but Savage comes out from underneath the ring and trips him up and hammers away. Doink is rolled inside and goes after the midget once again but Savage surprises him with a small package for the win (9:20 shown ***1/2). After the match, the midget bites Doink in the ass then is restrained by a few referees on the outside.

Thoughts: I thought this was a blast with Savage able to outsmart Doink with his little surprise to give the clown a taste of his own medicine. And we also saw how Doink is enamored with midgets as we will see how that plays out going forward.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


The hosts talk of Ted DiBiase on the phone. DiBiase is pissed over losing to the 1-2-3 Kid this past Sunday on “Wrestling Challenge.” DiBiase ten hangs up because they are showing the highlights and we see clips of the finish.


We now hear the crowd boo as Jim Cornette surprises us all by coming into the ring. Heenan is beaming with glee then heads into the ring and the two hug as Vince tells us Cornette is from Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Heenan asks the crowd if they know who Cornette is and tells them he is the “greatest manager in the history of the sport of wrestling.” Cornette says he is only the greatest because Heenan retired then thanks Heenan for the roses he sent to his mother. Cornette now talks about the onle thing he has not done is appear in the WWF. He says his handpicked team of the Heavenly Bodies are the greatest he has ever managed and the object of every American woman’s desire. His next surprise is now accepting the Steiner Brothers open challenge for SummerSlam and says the Steiners might be champions but are not the best team in the world. Well, huge news here with Cornette making his WWF debut. And the mention of another wrestling promotion in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as according to Dave Meltzer of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” the WWF allow some talent to work the major SMW shows (Like they are doing with the USWA) and even plug the SMW Knoxville, TN house shows on their local TV affiliate for that area. Also, according to Meltzer, the Steiners were originally going to face the Headshrinkers at SummerSlam (which seemed like the plan based off of TV) but Fatu suffered a leg infection thus unavailable for the PPV. And Heenan put over Cornette like a motherfucker and those two had some good banter here (and even better in their shoot interviews for the Ring of Honor “Straight Shootin'” series.


Mr. Perfect vs. Barry Hardy

Cornette now joins on commentary as Vince is pissed. Cornette talks about the Heavenly Bodies being the best as Perfect works over Hardy. Perfect dropkicks Hardy out of the ring as Cornette says the Armstrongs and Rock & Roll Express of Smoky Mountain will be here soon. Vince then says Cornette left Smoky Mountain because it got too hot for him as Cornette makes fun of Vince’s hair with Heenan putting over Cornette as a legend. Perfect then yanks off Hardy’s top before hitting a Perfect Plex for the win (2:40). Vince then asks if Perfect will three peat at SummerSlam as an Intercontinental Champion.

Thoughts: Weird to hear talk of the Armstrongs and Rock & Roll Express on WWF commentary. And seeing how Perfect was mostly an afterthought on commentary despite being in the SummerSlam Intercontinental Title match it doesn’t appear that he will be three-peating at the PPV.


Lex Express tour video is shown.


Vince plugs next week’s show then Cornette says the Heavenly Bodies will be here next week and hopes to get an answer from the “cowardly” Steiners as Heenan is ecstatic then Vince reminds us that Savage will be back in Cornette’s seat on commentary.


Final Thoughts: The shocking news of Cornette appearing on WWF and the really good Savage/Doink match make this another strong edition of RAW even despite the intelligence insulting direction of the Luger turn.