Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well Wrestlemania weekend is over and the card, all five and a half hours (seven and a half if you count the pre-show), is done. The general consensus is that Kofi-Bryan was excellent (I agree) and the main event was anywhere from decent-to-good-to-disappointing (I thought it was a very good match that a very worn down crowd couldn’t going for), In hindsight I think going with Ronda-Becky 1-on-1 would have been the better play. That would have left Charlotte for a second match with Asuka, which she could’ve won again. I would have no problem with Asuka jobbing to Charlotte twice because she would have at least been on the main card in a good position and they would have had a great match.

Then you could let Sasha and Bayley retain and the show could end with the Four Horsewomen holding titles in a real call back to the 1988 Four Horsemen all having titles. I didn’t think they needed to shoehorn Charlotte into the match. I thought they shoehorned Becky into the women’s match three years ago when it should have just been a Sasha-Charlotte match. It happens I guess and it will all work itself out. But damn, I am not looking forward to an almost six-hour main card next year. Yikes.

Oh yeah I love The New Day. This is beautiful.

And this morning ESPN had Kofi and Becky on their morning show. Poor Becky sounds exhausted.

Now we get to tonight and the infamous RAW after Wrestlemania. Please don’t let me down New York. I have a bad feeling there will be all kinds of dumbassery next year in Tampa but I still have faith that New York crowds can bring the smark without the stupidity and desire to get expletives on national television. Will we get some surprises? I hope so. Something needs to happen.

As for other TV. NHL is off until the playoffs start Wednesday. NBA is off tonight to give space to the College Basketball national championship game between Texas Tech and Virginia. There is a ton of baseball on.

Props to you guys, from all the content and threads this weekend we had around 15,000 comments and god knows how many page views. Special credit to Scott and Thomas for throwing up so much readable content this weekend.

Keep it clean guys!