Douchebags entering the ring

Hi Scott

The moron who attacked Bret got everything he deserved, imo, but what in the hell possesses people to try this shit in a place surrounded by folk who are built like brick shithouses and basically hit one another for a living?

I remember a clip of a tiny, scrawny guy taking a swing at monster-sized Drew (Galloway) McIntyre at an ICW show, and Drew could have probably torn the guy's head from his shoulders without breaking sweat.

Also: do you think it's time to make the HoF an invite-only ceremony? The fans seem determined to ruin it as much as possible year after year (even leaving aside the idiot going for Bret). Any other industry would be running something like this as a black-tie event, right?

Yeah, but the whole point is draw a house because Vince can't even resist being a carny when he's supposed to be honoring legends, so I can see why that wouldn't fly.  
Obviously they will not try the "open ring" concept for the event again next year, I'd assume.