Hi Scott, 

After enjoying the Walter match from last night, try some OTT for size. Would love to read what you think about the matches/promos etc. 

Based out of Dublin it boasts the loudest fans in Europe. It's the best experience I've ever had at a live event. Walter v Devlin 1 is the gold standard. Walter v Ospreay is also the gold standard. 
Either match could be called the European MOTY for 2018. Devlin playing veteran against 18 year old Scotty Davis. Davis just beat Justin Liger at a show at our National Stadium. NXT UK Tag Champ Zack Gibson with an amazing promo. 

Check out the matches and Crooked Gentlemen promos for Devlin/Starr etc and see what you think. Genuinely the best indie wrestling production I've ever seen. 


Well my weekend is pretty booked at the moment.  But hopefully this will help get the word out because I’ve heard naught but good about OTT.