WWF Monday Night RAW – July 26th, 1993

July 26, 1993

From the Manhattan Center in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan


We hear from Doink backstage as he warns Savage, calling him “Macho Boy,” that if he interferes in another one of his matches again that will be the end of him but if he is a good boy then he might get a surprise as Doink laughs to close out the segment.


The announcers run down the show and tell us that Bret Hart’s parents, Stu & Helen, are here as we see them in the balcony. Vince also says we will have an interview with Lex Luger and in action are Mr. Hughes and Smoking Gunns along with a word from Ludvig Borga.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Heenan tells us that Jerry Lawler is here in town. Bigelow rakes Bret’s face then hammers away. We get an odd spot where Bret slides underneath a punch then dropkicks Bigelow before sending him outside with a clothesline. Bret heads out and hammers away then climbs up top for an attack but hurts his knee in the process then Bigelow beats down Bret as we go to break. We return with Bret clutching his knee on the outside. Bigelow gets a two count with a back suplex before whipping Bret into the corner. Heenan jokes that Bret’s parents are here to hit up their son for some cash as Heenan says Lawler is on his way to the arena. Bigelow catches a crossbody attempt and turns that into a front falling slam for a nearfall. Bigelow hits a pair of falling headbutts but misses a third attempt. Bret fires away then hits a Saito suplex before dropkicking Bigelow. Bret uses an elbow drop for a two count but Bigelow fights back. Bigelow hits a dropkick of his own before applying a chinlock. We go to another break and return with Bigelow still working the chinlock. Bret avoids a dropkick then fires away. Bret then uses a back drop and drops another elbow for a two count. Bret chokes out Bigelow on the ropes now headbutts Bigelow in the kidneys before using a leg sweep. Flying clothesline gets two then Bret goes back to punching away before jumping on Bigelow’s back to apply a sleeper as Savage proclaims “good night Irene………yeah!” Bigelow breaks that up but Bret regains control then goes to turn over Bigelow for the sharpshooter but we now hear Lawler’s voice. Lawler is up in the audience making fun of Stu Hart then Bret goes through the crowd to get towards Lawler but Bigelow drags him nack to ringside. Bigelow drives Hart into the ring post as Lawler continues to rag on Stu, even doing an impression, as Stu mumbles about Lawler being a false king. Bret rolls himself back into the ring as Helen tells Lawler to “wrestle and keep his mouth closed” but Lawler tells more jokes about Bret while harassing his parents. Bigelow rams Bret into the corner then covers for a nearfall. Bigelow signals that he is going to finish off Bret and sets up for a flying headbutt as Lawler rags on the Hart’s, whose comebacks are just awful. Bigelow instead whiffs on a somersault senton then Bret runs wild. Vince apologizes about Lawler as Bret hits a DDT then Bret rolls out and heads through the crowd to go up the balcony and gets counted out (16:02 shown ***1/4). Lawler now leaves then Bret is up in the balcony and checks on his parents.

Thoughts: Good match but the real story was Lawler’s treatment of Bret’s parents and the surprise of appearing in the balcony was a nice touch. And Lawler was just fantastic here as a total asshole making fun of Stu & Helen. This feud is really taking off now and it will be interesting to see how it will play out.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. After hyping the title match, Okerlund goes off on Lawler and calls him a “jerk” then hopes that Hart’s family is in attendance for the PPV. After that, Okerlund still cannot believe Lawler humiliated the Hart family as Vince thinks the score will be settled once and for all at SummerSlam.


Mr. Hughes w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Ross Greenberg

We see another wreath/floral arrangement placed at ringside as Hughes decks Greenberg. Hughes continues to hammer away as we some chants for the Undertaker. Hughes doesn’t budge as Greenberg hammers away then he catches him with a big boot. Hughes then uses a powerbomb as Vince hypes up the Smoking Gunns match and Luger interview for later on in the show. Hughes stays in control then uses a sidewalk slam for the win (3:05). After the match, Vince plugs the “WrestleMania: The Album” release as Hughes destroys the flowers while Heenan jokes that President Clinton likes flowers on his desk every morning. For once a funny political joke on WWF TV.

Thoughts: Despite Undertaker facing Giant Gonzalez at SummerSlam they are still doing this bit with Undertaker sending arrangements to mess with Mr. Hughes. Heenan’s delivery of the Clinton/Flowers joke was tremendous.


Clips of the WrestleMania: The Album release party where we see Tiny Tim being presented a new ukulele.


Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Glen Ruth

Billy works over Gill to start. He takes down both Gill & Ruth with dropkicks before tagging out. Bart tags in and hits both men with a crossbody as the Gunns now work over Ruth. Vince tells us that Helen Hart is distraught in the wrestling room over what Lawler did but Heenan jokes that its because the hotel wants back the shower curtain Helen stole. The Gunns stay in control as the crowd is dead and the announcers talk about anything to hold our interest then use the back drop/piledriver combo for the win (4:23).

Thoughts: More talk about the Bret/Lawler feud with Heenan beginning his jokes about the Hart family stealing stuff. And the Gunns continue to bomb in front of the RAW crowds despite working hard in the ring.


We get a video package for Ludvig Borga as he now wants the Finnish National Anthem played when he comes out and for the crowds to stand and show respect. The video was footage of his squash matches from this past weekend. Borga is now going to be doing a dated heel foreigner gimmick as part of his pre-match routine but at the same time seems to be in line for a major heel push.


We get an empty arena interview with Luger hosted by Vince. Luger talks about the Lex Express and the stipulation of him having to wear a forearm pad at SummerSlam, which he says is no problem. (And like some of you have commented, it was a major problem for him to wear this padding right up until the suddenly changed gimmicks just three weeks ago). Vince now asks Luger to talk about himself and give insight on his personal background in the coming weeks as Luger says he encourages fans to ask him any tough questions. After that, we get a brief video of Luger meeting fans. We should now expect more Luger interviews in the coming weeks but I agree with what Bruce Prichard said in his podcast that Luger did not come across genuine at all with this gimmick.  He came off quite insincere in this segment if you ask me. Plus, it didnt fit at all and the sudden character change that happened overnight was not helping, despite this major push.


Doink the Clown vs. Phil Apollo

Vince plugs “Mania” and “All-American Wrestling” before asking Savage about Doink’s warning from earlier tonight. Doink works the arm before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Doink grounds Apollo as the announcers talk about the multiple Doink sightings with Vince calling him an evil man. Vince now says they will ask Luger tough questions like getting kicked out of Miami University and his thoughts about drugs as Doink hits a top rope sit-down splash for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: Doink gets an easy win and has apparently abandoned the stump puller as a finisher.


We return from commercial with Doink inviting Savage into the ring. Vince reminds Savage of his broadcasting contract and to stay at the desk then Doink goes out in front of Savage. Doink asks Savage about his problem of interfering in his matches then challenges him to a match then laughs about not seeing double vision but rather triple vision as we see Doinks in the ring and balcony. Savage then says he has a “little” surprise for Doink as the show ends with the WrestleMania song being played. And we now have Savage and Doink for next week. Decent segment with Doink having a legitimate beef over Savage getting involved in his matches.


Final Thoughts: Another excellent edition of RAW. The Bret/Lawler stuff was all must see and we get a match between Savage and Doink for next week. Also, we saw then hype up one of the new talents in Borga and told us about more Luger segments in the coming weeks as the company is actually putting out a solid product with RAW being a consistently good show for the past three months.


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