They can’t screw this up, right?

The main event is a unification match resulting in one undisputed women's champ, right? I mean, the table is literally perfectly set for it. The division was never deep enough to sustain two women's champions, much less adding a set of tag titles. Even more so with the way they've fed literally everyone to Becky, Charlotte, and Ronda to get them over as THE MAIN EVENT.

I mean, if it isn't a unification match, what the hell was the point of even putting the SD title on Charlotte going in? You had an easily understood title match – I can understand using it as an opportunity to course correct the division and have a single champion (which they really need to do across the board with the titles), but I have this awful, lingering feeling in my gut that because it is the obvious, simple, and correct solution…they will do something else.

Please tell me I am paranoid, Scott. Please.


The only result that unifies anything is Charlotte or Ronda beating the other one.  Becky being involved in the decision maintains the status quo.  Unless they suddenly announce that Becky wins both titles if she wins the match.  Or they could solve it by making it elimination rules.