Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #309 – 27/03/1999

So with Living Dangerously 99 in the books, it’s time to see where ECW will go with their next pay per view event scheduled for the 16th of May 1999. Living Dangerously ended with Taz unifying the ECW and FTW Titles to become the undisputed ECW World Champion. The question is who will be the next wrestler to challenge him? Maybe we’ll get some clues on this show?

So without further ado, let’s take it to the Extreme!

The matches from today’s show were taped at the ECW arena

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We start the show with footage of Sid destroying the Dudley Boyz back at Living Dangerously

Show Intro

Joey Styles is in front of his banner and thanks everyone who bought Living Dangerously, as well as hyping up Hardcore Heaven on the 16th of May 1999. Joey recaps what happened at Living Dangerously before sending to footage of Sid destroying Skull Von Krush, Rod Price, Super Nova and Chris Chetti at the ECW arena. Is this Sid stuff ever actually going to go anywhere? What’s the end game here? Are they going to actually use him to put someone over at some point? Is he just going to plough through the roster until the end of time? Is he eventually going to challenge Taz? Lemon curry??


Paul Heyman narrates still photos of the Rob Van Dam Vs Jerry Lynn match from Living Dangerously. Lynn was going to be awarded the title by the referee following a twenty minute Broadway, but Lynn instead demanded five more minutes and ended up getting pinned. Joey defends head referee John Finnegan for wanting to award the title to Lynn, even though it makes no sense for the referee to award a title like that following a draw.


Opening Match
Little Guido w/ Tracey Smothers and Big Sal E Graziano Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri

I believe this might be the first ever televised match between these two wrestlers. It sure as fudge wouldn’t be the last! Guido goes for some UWFi styled mat work to start, but Tajiri is able to fend him off and then shows that he too has some keen mat skills. Guido makes the mistake of slapping Tajiri though, which earns him some stiff kicks for his troubles.

Guido counters a Tajiri rana attempt into a powerbomb, but misses when he tries following up with a dive to the outside. Tajiri dives onto both Guido and Smothers for an ECW chant from the crowd, before bringing Guido back in for a superplex as we take a break.


Back from the ads, it’s Guido who is on top of things as he stomps on Tajiri. How he managed to get back into the ascension when he was getting battered before the break isn’t explained. You’d think they’d at least update us with a replay or something surely? Anyway, Tajiri fires back with more kicks and then dropkicks Guido into Smothers, who has climbed up onto the apron.

The collision sends Smothers flying off the apron through a conveniently placed table (Fancy that!), leaving Guido wide open for some more kicks from Tajiri. Tajiri adds a big running front dropkick to a helpless kneeling Guido, and that not surprisingly is enough for Tajiri to pick up the three count and get his hand raised

RATING: **1/2

Fun TV match, just a bit on the short side

Smothers and Guido argue post-match and Smothers actually attacks Guido

Meanwhile, Paul Heyman narrates still pictures of Super Crazy Vs Tajiri from Living Dangerously. Crazy ended up coming out with his hand raised, meaning that he ultimately won the feud. Yup, I doubt we’ll EVER see Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri cross paths again. That feud is over once and for all. Oh yes, no doubt about it…

Main Event
Antifaz Del Norte Vs Super Crazy

Antifaz had a meh match with Little Guido at Living Dangerously. Hopefully this match is a better showcase of what he can do. Lots of Lucha to start, which ends with Antifaz diving out onto Crazy on the outside. Antifaz keeps control back inside with arm drags, which the crowd appreciates. He misses a springboard senton though, which allows Crazy to hit a trifecta of moonsaults for two.

Crazy goes for the ten punches in the corner en Espanyol , although the director annoys me with Kevin Dunn like zoom in with every punch. Crazy puts Antifaz into the crowd and then follows up with a big Asai moonsault, because FORGET CROWD SAFETY!!! Back inside, Antifaz is able to counter a Crazy powerbomb attempt into a rana for two.

Antifaz then hits a sit out gourdbuster for another two count from the ref. A missile dropkick sends Crazy outside and Antifaz follows with a dive, as this match has been nothing but high spots from start to finish. Back inside, Antifaz drops a leg to the back of Crazy’s head (Which I seem to recall one of the recappers on EWR used to think made any match better) but Crazy is able to get a roll up out of nowhere to pick up the win.


Great fun, even though it was lacking in psychology. All the moves hit and the spots looked good. If you’re going to do a spot fest then commit and these two did!

We see that Jasmine St Claire is supposedly hiding naked behind the ECW banner


We see footage of Jasmine St Claire coming out in front of the crowd prior to Living Dangerously starting. Lance Wright is there as well, and grabs a mic to say that he is Jasmine’s guest. Jasmine asks the crowd how many of them want to see her get naked, and it’s an ECW crowd from 1999 so she gets a nearly unanimous roar of approval. It’s all a swerve of course, which leads to Jasmine and Wright insulting the crowd. This brings out Francine, who first attacks Jasmine and then teases that she’ll perform fellatio on Wright, only to punch him right in the croutons instead. This all gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Paul Heyman recaps the tag team bout from Living Dangerously, as Lance Storm and Justin Credible did battle with Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas. Dreamer and Douglas won the match when Douglas pinned Credible following the Pittsburgh Plunge, but a distraction from Cyrus The Virus allowed the heels to leave the faces lying once again.

Joey hypes up the debut issue of the ECW magazine (I don’t think that ended up lasting very long)


Paul Heyman narrates yet more still photos, this time of Taz and Sabu battling one another at Living Dangerously. Taz choked out Sabu to retain his ECW Title and regain his FTW Title.

In Conclusion

This was essentially like watching an NXT episode follow a Take Over, with a couple of fresh matches and the rest being a recap of the previous big event. The two matches were good though and the show was perfectly watchable as consequence. Hopefully next week starts moving the story lines along again though.