Unless I missed it, what’d you think of Captain Marvel?  And any thoughts on Endgame? It is fascinating how Marvel has built a storyline in a clear cut way like wrestling used to where now everyone and their mother now wants to see the payoff.

Really enjoyed Captain Marvel, especially Sam Jackson playing it more light hearted and fun. More importantly, my daughter is deeply into the whole genre right now and I’m enjoying it by proxy even more.  We actually went home and continued our marathon of Spider-Man movies after seeing Captain Marvel, and watched #3 that night.  She really enjoyed it and even knew who Venom was from the commercials for that movie last year.  However, she was bummed when I told her that the next one in the series starts the story all over again and MJ isn’t in it.  I still maintain that you could have literally removed the entire Sandman plot from the movie but aside from Emo Peter it wasn’t the worst in the series (that’s easily ASM2 now).  

Anyway, I’m glad CM features a strong female asskicking hero without a love interest and I’d say it’s in the Doctor Strange tier of good but unremarkable Marvel movies.