WWF Monday Night RAW – June 28th, 1993

June 28, 1993

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan


The announcers run down the show which includes Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala for the Intercontinental Title and Bastion Booger vs. Crush.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Shawn Michaels (c) w/ Diesel vs. Kamala

Shawn offers Kamala a handshake but Kamala listens to the crowd and refuses but still gets cheap-shotted anyway. Kamala reverses an Irish whip and chops Shawn, who retreats to the corner. Shawn begs on his knees but Kamala doesn’t fall for a  second cheap shot and bites Shawn’s fingers. Shawn bails as the announcers talk about the Stars & Stripes Challenge. Back inside, Kamala hits a slam then catches Shawn with a bearhug as we go to break. The action returns with Kamala getting a few nearfalls. Shawn rakes the eyes then has Kamala chase him around the ring. Shawn stomps away but Kamala pulls up on the ropes to avoid a dropkick. Kamala then misses a charge in the corner and hurts his leg as Shawn now goes on the attack. Shawn stays on the leg as Savage talks about raising money for a children’s charity and the buzz surrounding the Stars & Stripes Challenge. Kamala fights off Shawn from the mat and sends him into the corner as both men are down. Kamala is up first and chops down Shawn before tossing him outside. Kamala brings Shawn back inside and hits more chops before hitting the splash. However, Kamala still hasn’t learned how to roll someone over for a pin. We now see Diesel up on the apron as that distracts Kamala but that allows Shawn to get up and land a super kick to the back of the head for the win (8:52) **1/2. After the match, Kamala attacks Shawn but Diesel makes the save and beats down Kamala as Shawn eventually joins in on the fun.

Thoughts: Fun match here that saw the crowd get behind Kamala. Shawn was great but Kamala certainly held up his end in easily his best match during this run. The end was done to get Diesel over as Shawn’s bodyguard. His beatdown of Kamala did not look all that great but he is huge and imposing which should bode well for Shawn retaining the Intercontinental Title.


Vince welcomes Mr. Fuji  & Yokozuna into the ring. He asks them about the Stars & Stripes Challenge as Fuji gloats over the chance to embarrass American athletes. Vince tells Fuji he is not the first person to try and discredit America and how America always comes through when someone steps up to the plate and knocks out a home run as Fuji mumbles about Yokozuna ending Hulkamania at King of the Ring. Yokozuna then calls out American athletes for being “no good” just like American products. Vince then leads the crowd into a “USA” chant. More of the same Stars & Stripes Challenge stuff that we’ve heard over the past two weeks. Fuji keeps getting worse on the stick but I thought Vince got the crowd into it like no one else could have as the crowd was vocal.


Smoking Gunns vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Barry Horowitz

Billy runs wild to start and ends up clearing the ring. Bart and Sharpe are in now as Horowitz breaks up a small package with a boot to the head. Horowitz is in now and Bart puts him in an armbar. Horowitz escapes and lands a few shots but Bart takes him over with an arm drag. Horowitz ducks a crossbody then uses a guillotine against the bottom rope as Vince plugs the film “Born on the 4th of July” airing this Friday on USA. Sharpe tags and hammers away but Bart escapes and tags out as Billy runs wild to zero crowd reaction. Billy then holds Horowitz in the backbreaker submission while Bart comes off of the top with a move for the win (4:26).

Thoughts: Holy shit was this crowd dead for the Gunns. The action here was fine but the hokey cowboy gimmick is not going to get the New York RAW crowds excited.
We are now shown footage from the end of last week’s Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid match with Kid running off with the $10,000. Vince also says that id’s whereabouts are unknown.


Vince welcomes Money Inc. to the ring for an interview. He rubs it in that they are no longer tag champs then IRS yells at Vince and the fans before saying they threw in a rematch clause in their contract and says they will once again become champs. Money Inc. now talk about their money then make fun of Razor Ramon for losing his money to the Kid, with IRS calling him “Razor Jabrone.” DiBiase then makes fun of Razor for losing and being bad with his money then tells Razor to go back to school and suggests he go to the “simpleton” University of Michigan and become the third Steiner brother. DiBiase then says they are easy to find as the crowd chants for Razor. Money Inc. then talk about finding Razor a job as their servant as the interview ends. This was unexpected. You’d think this would primarily be about trying to regain the Tag Titles but the focus was having Money Inc. shit all over Razor for how he has handled losing to the 1-2-3 Kid. And that means a feud is coming and with it being two against one then Razor will have to go out a find a partner.


We get an ad for WWF Mania as Savage will be co-hosting with Todd Pettengill as they will be aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid.


Adam Bomb w/ Johnny Polo vs. PJ Walker

Bomb beats on Walker as Heenan says in the event Yokozuna gets slammed he could roll into the Hudson River. Bomb then hits a side slam as Polo yells about “total destruction” as Vince says Crush vs. Bastion Booger will happen next. Bomb tosses Walker outside and beats him down the slingshots back in with a clothesline before the Atom Smasher gets the win (2:13).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to hype the Stars & Stripes Challenge. All of this “total destruction” stuff with Bomb is not getting over though but I will say his look is cool.


We get an ad for the Stars & Stripes Challenge. It also mentioned how Hulk Hogan failed to slam Yokozuna at King of the Ring.


Bastion Booger vs. Crush

The announcers talk about how much Booger smells then put over Crush as one of the favorites to slam Yokozuna. Heenan claims to have found out that Booger is Hillary Clinton’s half brother as Crush fails to get Booger on his shoulders. The crowd chants for Crush as Heenan says that Yokozuna might even weigh more than 550 lbs for the challenge. Crush dropkicks Booger outside but Booger rams him into the post then hits an avalanche. Booger talks trash with the fans before heading back inside of the ring. He stays in control as the fans are still behind Crush then applies a bearhug. Vince now runs down the athletes participating in the challenge and if they can slam Yokozuna as Crush finally escapes and hits something that was supposed to resemble a suplex. Crush follows with three straight slams and gets the win (5:37) 1/2*.

Thoughts: The match sucked but the goal was to make Crush one of the favorites to slam Yokozuna and the crowd was into him here but after getting clowned (yes pun definitely intended) all year long by Doink its tough to buy Crush getting a mega push.


A video of Savage standing in Meadowlands Stadium. We see New York Giants running back Joe Morris tell us he is going to slam “Yokozuno” for all the Giants fans and all of the USA. Savage then puts his glasses on Morris.


Next week in action are 1-2-3 Kid (who Vince says has been found), Bam Bam Bigelow, and Mr. Perfect. Plus, footage of the Stars & Stripes Challenge.


Final Thoughts: The Intercontinental Title match was a pleasant surprise and the Money Inc. interview sure was interesting as the rest of the show focused on hyping up the Stars & Stripes Challenge.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Monday: WWF Superstars 7/3/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/4/93

Tuesday: WWF RAW 7/5/93

Tuesday: Shoot interview TBD

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 7/10/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/11/93

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 7/12/93

Friday: WWF Superstars 7/17/93, WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/18/93