What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – May 13, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  Tonight’s episode is only an hour in length because Atlanta Braves baseball gets more interest on TBS.

Opening Contest:  Stars & Stripes (17-7) beat Barry Hardy & Chris Speaker when Marcus Bagwell pins Speaker after a suplex-flying body press combination at 2:10:

The Patriot is facing Ric Flair in the first round of the United States Championship Tournament on Main Event tomorrow night so Schiavone and Heenan discuss that during this quick squash.  The crowd loved these two, so it was a good choice for an opener.

Schiavone interviews Sting, who is painted blue like his 1994 rubber action figure.  Sting warns Big Bubba Rogers that Alex Wright cannot be overlooked in tonight’s main event.  He rambles about how he can think of Rogers and Paul Orndorff, his opponent in the U.S. title tournament quarter-finals, at the same time because he is a magician and can “snap it on and off.”

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Vader do a taped promo.  Vader dubs the duo “The Big Three.”  Anderson makes fun of Hulk Hogan’s vitamin shtick while Flair mocks Randy Savage’s mannerisms.

The Nasty Boys (22-1-1) defeat Todd Zane & Chic Donovan when Jerry Sags pins Zane after the Trip to Nastyville at 1:45:

Donovan was a big talent in Memphis during the late 1970s and 1980s, feuding with Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich before making additional appearances in the AWA and NWA.  Zane was an experienced jobber who did jobs on WCW television throughout the mid-1990s.  The Nasties bowl over Donovan with a double shoulder block before finishing Zane with the dangerous flying elbow.

Gene Okerlund does the Slamboree Control Center segment.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (13-0) defeats Scott Armstrong (0-3) via submission to the Code Red at 1:50:

Armstrong is an upgrade over the competition that Pittman is used to, demonstrated by Armstrong surprising Pittman with a school boy after floating over him near the corner.  However, Pittman is able to quickly focus on the arm and that sets up the Code Red a minute later.

The Blue Bloods (8-0) beat Kip Abee & Mark Starr when Lord Steven Regal makes Abee submit to the Regal Stretch at 1:30:

The jobbers are not in sync with each other, not appearing in the same hard camera shot for their names to appear simultaneously on the ticker.  Starr never tags in as Earl Robert Eaton takes forever to come off the top rope with the Tower of London and Regal follows up with his usual finisher.  Schiavone says that the speed with which the Blue Bloods won the match makes them top contenders for the tag team titles.

A video shows Angelo Poffo giving Randy Savage some advice as a peaceful guitar riff plays in the background.  Poffo tells his son to be cautious and says “I don’t feel good about this one” as Savage walks off.

United States Championship Tournament First Round:  Alex Wright (32-0-1) beats Big Bubba Rogers (16-0) via disqualification when Rogers throws Wright over the top rope at 9:22:

Just based on win-loss records, this is a tough first round match to predict, almost like an 8/9 seed game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Rogers dominates after he nearly breaks Wright in half with a spinebuster but misses a top rope splash.  That triggers Wright’s comeback and Rogers catches him when he tries the reverse flying body press and throws him over the top rope.  That ends Rogers undefeated streak in singles competition, but it was quite satisfying seeing Rogers catapult the young German out of the ring.  Rating:  **¼

After the match, Rogers tries to brutalize Wright further but Sting makes the save as the show runs out of time.

The Last Word:  A disqualification finish for the main event was predictable because Alex Wright nor Big Bubba Rogers could look weak going into Slamboree.  Wright’s undefeated streak, if it survives Slamboree, will probably not last the next round as Ric Flair is likely advancing in the U.S. Title Tournament when he faces the Patriot on Main Event.

Up Next:  WCW Main Event for May 14!

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