Mega Maniacs

Watched March to WrestleMania IX today, and read your review. Guess I'm wondering what the thought process behind the whole Beefcake/Hogan angle was. 

Beefcake looked so out of his league with Hogan. I mean, I know they headlined SummerSlam together less than four years before that, but even then he felt like the weak end, and that was back before he was sidelined for several years by a momentum killing injury. What's especially perplexing is that Randy Savage was RIGHT THERE! It's not like he was otherwise engaged, the dude was literally sitting around during WrestleMania IX. 

I know the story is that Vince didn't have confidence in him as a top guy anymore, but given the state of the business, you'd think trying a Mega Powers reunion would be a slam dunk. Honestly, Hogan and Savage as tag champs for the summer would have been fun, and might have even extended Hogan's shelf life with the fans for a while. 

Was there ever any consideration of running the angle with Savage instead of Beefcake?

No, but there probably should have been!  However, I think the personal stuff between them would have prevented it from being any good, unfortunately.