Finish Him!

In honor of Kevin Owens bringing the Stunner back to the main roster, a LIGHTNING ROUND! 

With these Once-Established Finishers, who (if any) could you see on the main roster bring these back as a new or secondary finish: 
1) Dragon Sleeper
Roman Reigns!  It's the REMISSION!

2) Michinoku Driver
That's a pretty common transition move now, actually.  I wouldn't use it as a finisher.  Maybe for one of the 205 Live geeks.  

3) Torture Rack
Brock Lesnar! 

4) Stun Gun
Can't see it as a finisher anymore, sorry. 

5) Northern Lights Bomb/SnowPlow
Another one that's long dead as a finisher. 

6) BackDrop Driver
I don't want guys getting dropped on their heads. 

7) Hangman NeckBreaker/Rude Awakening
Total transition move.  
Sorry, this list was kind of a bust.