NXT UK – March 20, 2019

Date: March 20, 2019
Location: Coventry Skydome Arena, Coventry, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

Things are getting very interesting around here as Walter made it clear that he’s coming for the UK Title. Last week saw Walter and champion Pete Dunne defeat the Coffey Brothers, but the big story was after the match when Walter stood on the title. That could make for an instant classic in New York so hopefully they go with the obvious move. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala are in the ring with a big announcement: Pete Dunne will defend the United Kingdom Title at Takeover: New York. An opponent isn’t named but here’s Dunne to interrupt. Dunn: “GIVE ME WALTER.” The fans certainly like the idea but Dunne leaves before anything is said.

Toni Storm isn’t worried about Jinny but they both love gold. Jinny doesn’t like her because Toni makes her work for once. They’ll deal with things later. Toni leaves and Rhea Ripley comes in with a challenge for Xia Brookside. The cameras can stop recording now.

Eddie Dennis vs. Ligero

Ligero goes for the knee but has to avoid a charge in the corner. A springboard Stunner gets two and Ligero kicks him outside, only to have his slingshot dive caught. Dennis drops him on the apron and it’s off to a cravate inside. An elbow gives Dennis two as he’s tossing the much smaller Ligero around without much effort.

Ligero comes back with a kick to the head and a springboard splash for two. Dennis blocks the springboard tornado DDT but gets caught with a Code Red to give Ligero another near fall. Ligero takes too long going up and Dennis catches him with a delayed superplex. Severn’s Bridge sets up the Next Stop Driver for the pin at 9:01.

Rating: C. I like both of these guys so it’s cool to see them both getting a chance to shine. Ligero is perfectly fine as the local luchador but Dennis is still different enough from the rest of the roster that the aura makes up for the only above average skills. Both of these guys need something to do though and the one off matches aren’t getting them very far.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are on a bit of a roll and Amir thinks they deserve a Tag Team Title shot. Williams thinks Amir asks him for too much so they should just train together all week. Maybe then Kenny will do something for him. The training montage ensues and Amir isn’t exactly made for this stuff.

Lewis Howley/Sam Stoker vs. Wild Boar/Primate

Stoker goes after Primate to start and gets launched with an overhead belly to belly for his efforts. Boar gives gives him a t-hone suplex and it’s a double suplex to take him down again. Howley comes in swinging and is quickly slammed down with ease. Primate throws Howley at Boar, who throws him right back for a hard belly to back suplex and the pin at 2:38.

Ashton Smith vs. Kassius Ohno

They bump fists to start and Ohno easily takes him down into an armbar. Smith can’t get him up in a fireman’s carry so he knocks Ohno outside instead. That goes nowhere so Ohno suplexes him for two before cranking on both arms at once. Back up and a pump kick works a bit better for Smith and now the fireman’s carry into a Samoan drop works. Ohno shrugs it off and hits a pair of backsplashes (egads man), setting up the Dream Crusher for the pin at 4:18.

Rating: D+. Just a step above a squash debut for Ohno, though at least Smith got in some offense before the loss. Smith has some potential and could mean something one day, though at the same time you need to give the constantly losing Ohno a win to establish him around here. At least Ohno looked good in his first match.

Post match Ohno pats him on the back before knocking him out again. Travis Banks comes up to chase Ohno off, which could start a nice rebound feud for Banks.

Gallus is having coffee and want to win some titles. It’s time to establish their greatness.

Tyler Bate vs. James Drake

Drake goes straight to the arm to start and the armbar has Bate in trouble. Bate is back up with the fireman’s carry and a right hand but Drake knocks him off the top and out to the floor. There’s a whip into the barricade and we hit the chinlock back inside as the fans tell Drake that his face looks like a censored. Drake’s suplex gets two and we hit a chinlock with a knee in the back.

Bate fights up and drives Drake back first into the corner for the break, followed by the alternating lefts and rights. An exploder suplex gets two and Bate adds the running shooting star for the same. Drake catches him coming off the ropes though and it’s something like a reverse powerbomb for two. The fans are behind Bate (well duh) as they hit the pinfall reversal sequence. Bate’s bounce off the ropes clothesline takes Drake down but the Tyler Driver 97 is countered with a backdrop. Drake has to roll out of a 450 and Bate exploders him into the corner again. Spiral Tap finishes Drake at 10:59.

Rating: B-. Best part of the show so far though that’s really not saying much. Bate winning helps advance Moustache Mountain to the Tag Team Title rematch, which you have to know is coming pretty soon. Drake is the forgotten part of the team and they’ve even planted seeds for that being the case. Good enough match, but nothing that you need to see.

Walter leaves Saint’s office and the title match is on for New York.

Overall Rating: C-. This was a pretty weak episode of the series and that’s just going to happen every now and then. The problem here was everything is going to pale in comparison to Dunne vs. Walter and nothing else seems to matter otherwise. It wasn’t a bad show, but it’s just a show that came and went.


Eddie Dennis b. Ligero – Next Stop Driver

Wild Boar/Primate b. Lewis Howley/Sam Stoker – Assisted belly to back suplex to Howley

Kassius Ohno b. Ashton Smith – Dream Crusher

Tyler Bate b. James Drake – Spiral Tap

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