What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – May 13, 1995

After spending the last few weeks recovering from mono, our journey through 1995 WCW resumes!

WCW Prime had a WCW Tag Team Championship match that aired on May 8, so here is a recap of that match before we move onto WCW Worldwide:

-WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (Champions w/Sister Sherri) (20-2-2) defeat Stars & Stripes (17-6) when Booker T pins Marcus Bagwell after a Stevie Ray pump kick at 4:54:

Stars & Stripes is in tag team purgatory right now, good enough to beat low tier squads like Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck but struggling against teams positioned in the upper tier of the division.  The Patriot moves gingerly in this contest, running slowly on Irish whips and barely making it over Stevie Ray for a sunset flip.  There is no heat spot for the heels as Stars & Stripes counter all of their major offense but when all hell breaks loose, Sherri rakes Bagwell’s eyes when he has Booker T trapped in an O’Connor roll and Bagwell runs into a pump kick for the finish.  Stars & Stripes is now 0-3 against Harlem Heat this year.  Rating:  *½

And now onto WCW Worldwide, where Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are calling the action.  Schiavone says that the Kevin Sullivan-Butcher match booked for Slamboree is being given away on free television today because both men “cannot wait” to face each other.

Opening Contest:  Brian Pillman (15-0) beats Jim Rogers via submission to an octopus hold on the canvas at 3:31:

Rogers does a horrible job selling Pillman’s offense, barely moving when the flying Californian applies a leg lock.  But hey, the guy wrestles in a t-shirt so that is a dead give away that he is of a limited skill set.  Pillman wins via submission, with Heenan insisting that Meng will never submit to that next week when both men face off in the quarter-finals of the United States Championship Tournament.

Gene Okerlund interviews Sting on the stage, presumably without an audience in attendance because it is dead quiet.  Sting recaps the feud from Fall Brawl to the present time and touts the possibility of biting off one of Rogers fingers during the “lights out” match.

Alex Wright (31-0-1) pins Rip Sawyer after a reverse flying body press at 1:18:

Heenan does a comedic back-and-forth with Schiavone over wanting to contact Diamond Dallas Page to get some of his newfound wealth as Wright hits a reverse flying body press out of nowhere to prevail.  If you have seen one Wright squash, you have seen them all.

Okerlund does the Slamboree Control Center segment.  Okerlund announces a switch in the legends match as Dick Murdoch will take Dory Funk, Jr.’s place because of a “contractual disagreement.”  As was noted previously, Funk opted not to participate because New Japan talent was appearing on the pay-per-view and he did not want to appear due to ties with New Japan’s rival All Japan.  Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Jimmy Hart cut a strange promo, with Hogan name dropping the name of former Killer Bee B. Brian Blair as a trainer for their main event match.  Savage reiterates that his father, who taught him to wrestle when he a “macho baby,” will be at ringside during the match.  Hogan even appears tired of the Renegade gimmick, basically saying “Oh yeah, this guy is on our side too, brother!” when the Renegade does his green screen bit behind them.

The Nasty Boys (21-1-1) beat Mike Parker & Buddy Vale when Jerry Sags pins Parker after the Trip to Nastyville at 1:57:

A better name for Parker and Vale would be SlimFast as Parker is a lean guy and Vale is overweight.  SlimFast was incredibly popular in the 1990s so they could have used that to get out of jobber status.  Like Wright, the Nasties waste little time getting the win as they prepare for their final tag team championship shot at Slamboree.

Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (2-6) pins Tim Horner (0-4) after a right hand at 5:14:

Buck gets wild during his entrance, hitting a cameraman.  This causes Schiavone to become outraged and remind people that the cameraman has a family.  Horner uses some mat wrestling to daze Buck but fans know that Horner is nothing without Brad Armstrong tagging with him and after Horner tries to spam some rollups, Buck counters with his right hand finisher.  The last sequence was a good way to get fans engaged but everything leading up to it was terrible.  Rating:  ¼*

Okerlund interviews Big Bubba Rogers, who promises to beat Sting out of WCW at Slamboree.

In a taped promo, Ric Flair, Vader, and Arn Anderson deliver a promo for Slamboree.  Anderson says the only chance the babyfaces have is if they are playing a kickball game.  Flair adds that Slamboree is a night of legends so it is fitting that all three heels, who are legends, will have a great night in the ring.

The Man With No Name (2-2) beats Kevin Sullivan (5-1) via disqualification after Avalanche interferes at 3:22:

So, the next step in this feud is that the Butcher wants to be called the Man With No Name, a piece of information that does not make it to the announce team as Schiavone and Heenan keep calling him the Butcher throughout the contest.  Besides, how can you lack a name when you insist that other people call you that?  Is that not in itself a name?  Not a lot of thought went into this gimmick.  In a piece of proper booking, the Butcher and Sullivan immediately tear into each other, with the Man using Worldwide’s spinning ring to his advantage to trap Sullivan in a sleeperhold for a few moments.  The Man keeps spamming the sleeperhold, prompting Avalanche to run in to save the other Face of Fear.  Since the Butcher has no allies, a double team ensues and Avalanche squashes his former ally with an Avalanche Splash.  This was good because it was kept short and the brawling was solid.  Rating:  *

Okerlund interviews Sullivan and Avalanche, with Sullivan saying that Avalanche is the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.  Sullivan reiterates that the Man with No Name has no allies so that gives Sullivan a two-on-one advantage at Slamboree.

Tune in next week to see Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage collide with Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck!  Also, Big Bubba Rogers will be in action!

The Last Word:  The main event did a lot to give direction to the Kevin Sullivan-Man with No Name feud so that was one redeeming quality of the broadcast.  Nothing else mattered, though, as Alex Wright, Brian Pillman, and the Nasty Boys keep winning.

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for May 13!