Survivor Series ’90 – Mystery Opponent Question


Long time reader of the blog…quick question for those who were around/recall – 

Curious – leading up to Survivor Series '90 – what was the hype like for the mysery partner on the Million Dollar Team?   

If this happened now, speculation would be crazy for a retuning or new superstar (only for it to be Kane or some lame suprise).  Did everyone know Mark Calloway was coming in and it was him or was there crazy hype and intrigue around it?   What was the build/speculation back then? 

Yes, there was definitely crazy hype and intrigue about it, and speculation absolutely was a returning superstar.  King Kong Bundy was the presumed egg occupant, in fact, but Sid Vicious was also a strong rumor at the time, since it was kind of known that he was on the outs with WCW and Vince wanted him.  I didn't have access to the Observer at that point, but PWI Weekly (which was a bizarre combination of PWI and the Observer that was too beautiful to live) was all over it.