quick question

how long do u think wwe champions has left? did they kill the golden goose with 4sb and dx VIP subscriptions? 

Maybe.  Although it still does well for Scopely, player numbers are apparently way down and this latest monthly event is TURRIBLE.  Probably the worst one they've ever done, truth be told, filled with tours that only big spenders with super-rare guys can even do.  I mean, I spend way more money on this stupid mobile game than I'd like to admit, but I'm nowhere near the level of the guys in the top groups and I've got a pretty stacked roster, and I haven't been able to play a tour in a couple of weeks.    

(For those wondering since the last time I posted my roster on here a couple of months back, I now have 4sb versions of Andre, Balor, Deadman, Phenom and NXT Rollins. Plus either Tozawa or Alexa ready to go depending on which way I want to go with it.)

Given the way they've been laying out deals and structuring things, it really feels like the developer is trying to cash out as much as possible before they cut bait on the game and concentrate on Looney Toons instead.  Which is also really fun and feels like far less of a cash grab.