Longest Time between 5 star Matches

Hi Scott,

I was thinking, who is the wrestler who has the longest time separating their first and last 5 star matches? At first I thought it was Shawn, who had a 5 star match at WM 10, and another one at WM 25 (along with others in between), so he had an amazing 15 years between his 5 star matches.
Then I realized that Jericho had the 5 star tag match on Raw in 2001, and also a 5 star match at WK this year against Naito, for an even more amazing 18 years between the two matches.
Is there anyone else I'm missing for time between 5 stars? Or are these two the kings of longevity for putting on top quality matches?.

The Jericho tag match wasn't ***** (I mean, you could argue it, but neither myself or Meltzer gave it that rating) but that was certainly a long stretch.  I think Kenta Kobashi would probably win, although his match with Joe was, what, 2006?  So maybe not.  Plus he had a bunch of other ones in between there.  If you want to make the argument that the Flair-Michaels retirement match was *****, which I don't but for example Wade Keller did, then Flair had a gap from 92 (the Rumble) to whatever year that was.  2009?  I dunno, I'm old.