Kevin Von Erich


Long time reader going back to wrestleline.

I've been sick this past few days so I've been reading back posts of

your observer recaps, and therefore following the ongoing tragedies that

was the Von Erich family, and I noticed something. David, Kerry, Mike

and Chris seems to make regular appearences throughout the mid-late 80s,

either through stupidity, bad luck, bad choices, or just Fritz being a

terrible father, while Kevin manages to "keep his name out of the

papers."  Is there a reason for this?  Was Kevin just more savvy than

his brothers?  Did he learn from his mistakes?  Or was he just the lucky

one?  Seems like he only gets mentioned as part of six man tags with his


Well, Kevin nearly died in the ring from an overdose, so he wasn't entirely out of the papers.  Not to mention the horrible incident where he accidentally ran over his own child, but I don't think that was substance related.  He was actually pretty damn lucky, but I think by the time everyone else made their mistakes, he was at least smart enough to calm down and live a normal life.  I mean, if THAT family didn't teach you life lessons by the end, nothing was going to.