Heenan’s WM Work

Hey Scott—

Much praise, rightly so, is lauded on Bobby Heenan’s color commentary work on the 1992 Royal Rumble.

However, what gets lost (and is almost as good) is his masterful call of Wrestlemania VIII. From first match to Papa Shango being late for his run-in, it’s as close to perfect Brain as you can get. His work on Hart/Piper and the title match (of course) is particularly as flawless as can be. 

Hell, I can even get through the chore that is WM IX if I just focus on Bobby’s commentary.

“Make me ride a camel… I’m gonna be the worst I’ve ever been this year!”

It makes me very sad to think of how great he was even in that one stupid match at WM X-7 where they brought him back for the battle royal and he sounded so happy just to be doing what he loved again, but then they never used him again and he lost his voice soon after.  My god, can you imagine the 2001 commentary team of Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and Bobby Heenan?  He could probably even have made Michael Cole tolerable, although he would have tired of Vince yelling in his ear after a few weeks, I'm sure.