WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 20th, 1993

June 20, 1993

From the Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan

This week, we will see Bob Backlund vs. Doink the Clown. Also in action are Papa Shango and The Headshrinkers.


Doink the Clown vs. Bob Backlund

The announcers talk about the recent Tag Team Title switches while Ross makes a Michael Jordan gambling reference. Backlund gets the best of Doink to start and continues to frustrate him with his mat work. Doink bails then returns as the announcers talk about Backlund’s run as WWF Champion. They now slug it out in the corner and that ends with Backlund using a vertical suplex for a two count. They go back to the mat then Doink uses an inside cradle for the win (4:35) *1/2. After the match, Backlund offers a handshake but Doink squirts Backlund with liquid from his flower. Backlund decks Doink then swings around blindly as he cannot see while

Thoughts: Not bad but more like the first minutes of a twenty minute house show match. Backlund losing clean on TV would make you think his push is done.


King of the Ring Report airs.


El Matador vs. Burt Centeno

The announcers talk about whether or not anyone can slam Yokozuna as Heenan lists off some athletes and says he doesn’t think so while Ross believes there is an athlete out there that could make it happen. Centeno lands some shots on Matador in the corner but Matador fights back and soon after that uses the El Paso de Muerte for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about the Bodyslam Challenge.


Clips from RAW where 1-2-3 Kid accepted Razor Ramon’s $10,000 offer for a rematch.


Papa Shango vs. Tony Roy

Heenan says that Kid’s career will be over. Shango misses a charge in the corner but comes back with a clothesline. The announcers hype up the King of the Ring PPV replay as Shango hits a back suplex then uses a reverse shoulderbreaker for the win (1:50). After the match, Shango puts a voodoo spell on Roy.

Thoughts: The announcers used this time to sell the PPV replay since Shango is really far down the card.


An ad to hype the King of the Ring PPV replay.


Mr. Perfect vs. PJ Walker

The announcers talk about Perfect’s match against Bret Hart at the King of the Ring, with Ross saying its one of the best matches he has ever called. Ross notes that Bill Alfonzo is the referee of the match. Perfect lands a dropkick then a chop in the corner. Perfect cuts off Walker and hits several more chops and follows with his neck snap and knee lift before the Perfect Plex gets the win (2:25).

Thoughts: We got hype for the Perfect/Shawn Michaels feud with the story that Perfect can become the three-time Intercontinental Champion.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as Superstars that talks about Mr. Hughes attacking The Undertaker & Paul Bearer then stealing their urn.


Another Men on a Mission vignette airs.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa vs. Ralph Mosca & Scott Despres

The Headshrinkers destroy Mosca to start. Despres is in now and The Headshrinkers destroy him too as the announcers talk about the Tag Team title situation. The Headshrinkers stay in control then put Despress away with stereo flying headbutts (2:41).

Thoughts: The Headshrinkers were being talked up as Tag Team Title contenders here.


Another ad for the King of the Ring PPV replay.


Owen Hart vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Owen his back in his “rocket” gear. The announcers talk about Jerry Lawler’s attack on Bret Hart at the King of the Ring as Sharpe lands a few shots. Owen avoids a dropkick and follows with an elbow drop before working the arm. Sharpe rakes the eyes and runs over Owen but is taken down with a hip toss. Owen then hits a dropkick and works the arm as the announcers are talking about Lawler. Ross mentions Owen’s knee injury as Owen hits a spinning heel kick then puts Sharpe away with a missile dropkick (2:32).

Thoughts: The focus on commentary was Lawler as they briefly mentioned Owen struggling to come back from a knee injury.


Next week, we will see the Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid match from RAW. Also in action are Adam Bomb, Lex Luger, and Bastion Booger.


Final Thoughts: Much like Superstars, the main focus here was on the PPV fallout and hyping the “Stars & Stripes Challenge.” We also got a featured match and like Superstars will show Razor/Kid next week.