Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

The road to Wrestlemania continues tonight with another live RAW from…somewhere. And I’m assuming it’ll be used to push the upcoming Wrestlemania show, which is supposed to have damn near 20 matches and only about three have been announced. Do better WWE!

Oh well, at least A.J. Styles is staying with the promotion

HHH, Batista, Brock….you know all the REAL stars…will be in the building tonight with the rest of the crew.

4 NHL games, including the one I’m at watching the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Arizona Coyotes and 9 NBA games.

The great animated flick “Sing” is on FX tonight and HBO has a documentary on that Elizabeth Holmes chick that stole a load of money on some pharmaceutical scam and who doesn’t blink.

Keep it clean!