Saga of Brian Lee

Here's a big guy going through all big companies of the 90s and 00s (cup of coffee in WCW in 1990, Fake Taker, SMW, ECW, WWF again, TNA in 02/03), was in a ton of stables (arguably only time he was ever really over was with Candido/Tammy in SMW, with the Triple Threat in ECW and with DOA in WWF) and never "made it". Why was that? Also how far can "being Taker's friend" get you? Making money with autographs/appearances claiming he's the real Undertaker (after he was released in 1998) maybe wasn't the best idea either?

He seemed like he might get over as Chainz but then that whole DOA deal went down the tubes and they jobbed to everyone on the roster.  It is kind of astonishing that someone with the same size and general look as Undertaker, who used to be able to work, could not find a way to get over with any big company.