Hall of Fame – nWo

So, they are inducting the entirety of DX–minus Rick Rude (which is kind of crappy and probably worth it's own thread).  Let's say, for argument's sake, that Hogan & Hall are able to keep it clean for another year or so. When the nWo goes in, is it just Hall/Nash/Hogan?  The more I mull it over, it feels like you have to put Bischoff in as well and make it 4.  None of the other geeks make the cut, but ole Easy E seems too integral to not recognize him with the traditional trio.  What say you?

You think it's bad they're not putting Rude in with DX?  What about Harvey Wippleman!  

If we're continuing to play the "induct stables" game, then yeah, it's nWo Classic with Hogan/Hall/Nash.  I think Bischoff would go in alone.  When the LETHAL DOSE OF POISON came back in 2002, it was the big three.  Case closed.