Get your coffee and coke ready

Forbes published a new report by Alfred Konuwa looking at the confirmed and rumored matches for this year’s WrestleMania. If the event moves forward with the additional rumored matches, this could become the longest WrestleMania event in the history of WWE with a total of 17 matches.

Granted, this would include matches that would take place on the extended live Kickoff show as well as the event. Last year’s card had a total of 14 matches, but three of those took place on the pre-show, and 11 were on the main pay-per-view card. It had a total runtime of 314 minutes. The runtime for the year before was 305 minutes. In 2017, the runtime was 286 minutes.


Royal Rumble was bad enough.  Gotta have my mini fridge of Rockstar Punched ready, I guess.