Timing of Dustin/Terri Split

Follow-up question of sorts, since Goldust's own 97 interviews were brought up.

Watching the interview where he splits with Terri, it really feels like what we're seeing isn't just their characters splitting, but that that's when he made their real-life separation official, right then and there (albeit with some obvious references that would have fit with their characters only).

Question being – was that the case? Had they already separated before those aired? Did that not come till after? I'm seeing that their divorce was finalized October 18, 1999, so at the very least, if he didn't split with her live on-air like that, it had to be pretty damn close to when that aired.

Oh yeah, they were dragging all kinds of real life shit into that storyline.  The whole thing with Dakota on screen and Dustin the Family Man was apparently them trying to reconcile their marriage and failing.