Best Heel Feud Win


What are your thoughts on the the best example of a heel decisively winning a feud?  Usually a heel gets the upper hand and the face gets some kind of revenge. My guess would be Ken Patera vs The Heenan Family. After the debate where Patera injured Heenan’s neck, months later Heenan got his revenge when the whole Heenan Family jumped Patera and whipped his back and even Bobby got his licks in. As far as I can remember, Patera never really got any type of revenge on Heenan or anyone in the family. 

Also, in the debate where Patera injured Heenan, Bobby went off about what a bad person Patera really was but his rant was censored on TV, any idea as to what Heenan actually said?  Wouldn’t seem he was dropping F bombs back then.

He was just saying his usual stuff and they bleeped it for effect.  
As for heels winning a feud, was there any more decisive example than the nWo beating the Horsemen in 1997?  Hennig reveals himself as an nWo member in the match where they going to get their revenge for the parody skit, and turns on Flair, and then retains the US title multiple times until Flair's group literally just breaks up and is done.