NXT UK – March 13, 2019

Date: March 13, 2019
Location: Coventry Skydome Arena, Coventry, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

With less than a month to go before Wrestlemania, it’s time to get things ready for what should be the most obvious title match in years. Tonight Pete Dunne and Walter team up to face the Coffey Brothers in what should be an interesting match. Other than that it’s time to keep setting things up for what is probably coming up after New York. Let’s get to it.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint arrive and promise a big night.

Opening sequence.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Wolfgang

The Coffey Brothers go to the back as Wolfgang goes after Webster, who comes out with a jumping knee to the face and some right hands. The springboard attempt earns him a face first drop onto the top turnbuckle and a clothesline turns Webster inside out. The front facelock keeps Webster in trouble until he fights up for a dropkick to the floor.

A suicide clothesline to the back of the head and a regular suicide dive has Wolfgang rocked, followed by the big running flip dive to finally knock him down. An enziguri sends Wolfgang from the ropes to the floor but something like a 619 around the post is countered with a ram into said post. A powerbomb into the post sets up the Caber Toss to finish Webster at 5:19.

Rating: C. That’s one of the better matches Wolfgang has ever had and that’s not saying much. As long as he isn’t allowed to talk and tell us about how great he is, everything will be acceptable. Webster has grown on me just enough to make him tolerable and I think I like him a little more as a singles guy than in the team.

Post match Wolfgang beats him down a bit more.

Kassius Ohno finds it amazing that an American is bringing the European style to NXT UK. He follows the British tradition and these new guys have no idea what kind of opportunity they have.

Kenny Williams/Amir Jordan vs. Tyson T-Bone/Saxon Huxley

These four seem like an anachronism these days. Williams rolls Huxley up for two to start and a legdrop onto the arm keeps him in trouble. Jordan comes in and can’t sunset flip T-Bone, who drives him into the corner. Forearms to the back set up a suplex for two and it’s off to a chinlock. An enziguri finally gets Jordan out of trouble for the hot tag to Williams so the pace can pick up. Williams cleans house, including a backdrop to send Huxley outside. Good looking stereo suicide dives send the villains outside, followed by the Swanton Bombay to finish Huxley at 5:54.

Rating: C-. The dives looked good but I had forgotten these teams were even on the roster. Jordan’s dancing deal doesn’t quite seem to be getting over though Williams is a good bit better. Huxley and T-Bone…not so much. They’re not exactly interesting but at least they’re not on TV all that often to keep it from becoming too much of a problem.

Post match Jordan and Williams dance to not much of a reaction.

Jinny doesn’t want to hear about Toni Storm anymore because she just wants the title.

Eddie Dennis is back next week to face Ligero, a mainstay in British wrestling for nearly twenty years. He’ll take NXT UK apart one by one and Ligero is the first victim.

Here’s Noam Dar for a chat. He’s been around before but this time he’s here to stay. Dar is here to bring his talents to NXT UK and next month, he’ll be around for the Glasgow, Scotland tapings. Dar was here last June when things got started and the people here have been doing a good enough job. 4/10 maybe. Some people showed up here and left just as fast or someone like Mark Andrews got dropped on his head and left on his skateboard. This brings out Andrews for an enziguri to send Dar running. Dar is a nice addition to the roster and a better fit here than anywhere else.

Xia Brookside says her last name is a blessing and a curse. She needs to stand up for herself and that means fighting bullies like Rhea Ripley.

Video on Wild Boar and Primate.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Candy Floss

This is Ray’s debut and she grabs an early armbar. Floss goes arm first into the buckle but manages a rollup for two anyway. That’s it for Floss as it’s a superkick into a Gory Bomb to give Ray the pin at 2:18. Standard debut squash and Ray looked dominant.

Moustache Mountain is thriving in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic but they’re not done with the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. Tyler Bate wants to face James Drake soon.

Scala and Saint make Drake vs. Bate for next week. Saint seems more and more useless in this role by the week.

Coffey Brothers vs. Pete Dunne/Walter

Pete and Mark get us going with Dunne not taking kindly to being backed up against the ropes. A takedown by the arm works a bit better for Dunne and the wrist cranking has Mark in more trouble. Mark grabs the arm as well but Dunne nips and spins right back into another armbar, this time with the arm stomp. Referee: “Easy, easy!” Seems rather appropriate in England.

Walter comes in to work on the arm even more, including copying Dunne’s arm stomp. Mark gets up and tries a chop, causing Walter to walk straight at him in an awesome visual. It’s off to Joe whose headlock and shoulder have no effect. Walter shows him how to throw a shoulder, followed by demonstrating chops for Dunne. Everything breaks down and all four head outside with Dunne and Walter dropping them on the apron before staring each other down in the ring.

Back in and Dunne hits a middle rope dropkick to Joe’s knee, followed by a surfboard double knee stomp. The blind tag lets Mark come in though and he intercepts a leapfrog into a German suplex to take over. The double teaming doesn’t last long as Dunne snaps off a German suplex of his own to drop Mark but Joe dives over to break up the tag. Say it with me: but it goes through a few seconds later, this time with Walter coming in to beat up the brothers.

A big boot in the corner sets up a running seated senton for two on Joe, followed by a swinging Rock Bottom for the same. It’s back to Dunne and Mark with Pete kicking and punching as only he can. Walter tags himself back in and dropkicks Mark into the corner with a butterfly suplex getting two. Joe breaks up a Boston crab by chopping Walter. It doesn’t break the hold by traditional means, but it annoys him so much that he lets go to chop Joe instead. Walter gets pulled off the ropes and slapped a few times, mainly because Mark isn’t that bright.

The sleeper goes on with Joe trying to make a save, meaning it’s a German suplex to both brothers at the same time. You know, because that can be done. Dunne kicks them both in the head and goes after Joe’s arm as Walter sleepers Mark. Joe finally slips out and slams Pete onto the other two for the save in an NXT trope. With nothing else working, Joe grabs the title and hands it to Mark, leaving Dunne and Walter to have an intense staredown. That’s broken up as well, though this time with Walter kicking Mark in the face and powerbombing him for the pin at 16:15.

Rating: B+. This was a great mixture of action and storytelling as Dunne has to prove that he can hang with Walter, who looked like he was doing a lot of this stuff with ease. Walter taking it up another level to win in the end with Dunne watching was a great ending and should set up their title match. Other than that you had the Coffeys looking awesome in their best performance outside of Takeover. Rather awesome main event.

Replays show that the big boot to Mark cut him off before he could hit Pete with the title to add another shade of gray.

Dunne goes to get the title but Walter steps on it and hands the belt to Dunne to end the show. Yep it’s going to be great.

Overall Rating: B. The great main event is all the show needed to be a solid one and that’s what we got here. They’re building towards the one big match right now, which is all they need to do. At best Dunne vs. Walter is going to get a spot on Takeover: New York and there’s no need to focus on much of anything else right now. The good thing is that’s more than enough to carry the show, which it more than did here.

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