Here Comes the Axe…

Demolition adds Crush near the end of their WWF run to work Axe out of regular action & cuz they're heels now. Much has been said about their look-a-like "we can't tell them apart" nonsense gimmick, where they operated on FreeBird Rules and cheated.

Was there a reason they didn't put ANY effort into making them look similar? If they wrestled in their cool masks, if Smash cut his hair, if they had the same face paint, etc… Any of these might've sold this slightly more.

Was it supposed to be a dumb thing, like other imposter angles that were obvious? Was it just a case of "they're nearing their end, so who cares"?

Pretty sure that by then it was just "We don't give a shit" and they wanted to squeeze whatever money they could out of the LOD feud and move on.  Bill Eadie's relationship with Vince was getting pretty strained at that point anyway.