WWF Superstars of Wrestling – June 12th, 1993

June 12, 1993

From the Metro Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler. We also have a new opening montage for the show.


Steiner Brothers vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Ralph LaRue

The announcers talk about the King of the Ring eight-man tag match as Savage tells us the Steiners are looking forward to teaming with the Smoking Gunns while Vince wants to know the rules of the match. Rick works over Sharpe to start. LaRue tags in and the poor bastard gets flattened with a clothesline by Scott before getting dumped on his head with a full nelson suplex. The Steiners continue to beat the piss out of this poor guy until putting him away with a Doomsday DDT that looked absolutely vicious (2:35).

Thoughts: Man did LaRue get destroyed here. The announcers hyped up the King of the Ring eight-man tag and briefly talked about the Steiners being Tag Title contenders.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. This week we see still photos of Shawn Michaels defeating Marty Jannetty for the Intercontinental Title with the help of his new bodyguard. Gorilla then tells us Shawn will be facing Crush at King of the Ring with the title on the line which is something we learned this past Monday night on RAW. We then hear from both men to close out the segment.


Back to the announcers as Lawler says Shawn went out and got a bodyguard to ensure he will remain the Intercontinental Champion as Vince and Savage disagree.


We now hear from the 1-2-3 Kid as he tells Razor Ramon the $7,500 offer is the most money he’s ever had in his life but still cannot except the offer because of what would happen to his family if he was not around.


Razor Ramon vs. Bert Centeno

Before the match, we see Bret Hart on the video wall telling Razor what chance does he think he has at the King of the Ring when he could not beat a “kid.” After that we get Bret leading the crowd in 1-2-3 chants. Razor attacks Centeno from behind then hits him with a fallaway slam. The announcers talk about the ulterior motives Razor has with his offer to the 1-2-3 Kid then Razor hits the super back suplex then follows with the Razor’s Edge for the win (1:32).

Thoughts: They once again are stressing for fans to mock Razor with the 1-2-3 chants at the shows while the story is Kid keeps refusing his offer.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Mike Bell

Hacksaw leads the crowd in a “USA” chant as the announcers mention how we will hear from Yokozuna later on in the show. Bell cheap shots Duggan after a break but Duggan fights back then puts Bell away with the Three Point Stance (1:06). Vince plugs the King of the Ring Hotline, only available to those in the USA, a Lawler draws a thumb up on the screen to signal we will not be seeing this from Duggan after the King of the Ring.

Thoughts: A win for Duggan heading into the PPV as he is facing Bam Bam Bigelow in a first round match.


Boni Blackstone welcomes Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji to the interview platform. Bonnie asks them about their match at King of the Ring against Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Title. The camera zooms in on Yokozuna’s face as Fuji talks about how Hogan stole the belt. Fuji once again talks about Yokozuna now weighing 550 lbs and how the Emperor of Japan will declare a National Holiday for Yokozuna after he regains the title. Pretty much the same as every other promo we’ve heard from Fuji to hype up this ice cold rematch.


We will also hear from Hogan later on in the show.


The Undertaker & Paul Bearer come out for their match then we go to break.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. PJ Walker

Undertaker boots Walker down then Lawler and Savage take shots at each other. Undertaker stays in control as we get an insert on an Undertaker article in “WWF Magazine.” Undertaker hits a clothesline then a chokeslam for the win (1:32). We also see Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman come down the aisle and Gonzalez and Undertaker have a confrontation. However, Mr. Hughes comes out and lays out Bearer with a sidewalk slam then attacks Undertaker from behind with the urn. Hughes stays on the attack and hold up the urn with Whippleman nearby as Gonzalez is no longer in sight. The segment ends with both Undertaker & Bearer still out on the mat.

Thoughts: I liked the angle and they way it was shot made it seem that they were going with Undertaker vs. Hughes as the current program without Gonzalez in sight after Hughes ran down. There were a lot of cuts in the filming too as others mentioned it was to take away the brutality of Hughes hitting Bearer repeatedly with the urn. Hughes said in his shoot interview with Highspots that he was specifically hired to feud with The Undertaker. Speaking


King of the Ring Report with Gene Okerlund. Before it starts, Okerlund tells us that Undertaker struggled to his feet then carried Bearer backstage. We got another Hogan promo here which again all feel the same.


Now, we get a vignette for a new team heading to the WWF called Men on a Mission. Their names were not given here, unlike the vignette we will see on “Wrestling Challenge.” We get someone rapping for two guys who were most recently known as the Harlem Knights in the USWA. According to Mable in his shoot interview with Pro Wrestling Diary, they were feuding with the Moondogs and was not taking care of them in the ring so one of them quit and since there were no teams for the Knights to work with, Jerry Jarrett put in a call to the WWF and they got a tryout at the 5/4 “Superstars” taping in Worcester. Mable said that the match did not go well but they received a favorable reaction from the fans and after that they got signed. And the rapper (Oscar) was signed to this act after giving his business card to Vince at WrestleMania IX, where he rapped in front of him on an elevator. Regarding the vignette I actually thought it was good and fit in with the times when it came to production values. Oscar’s rapping abilities were not bad at all, either. Based off of the vignette it the team had some promise.


Money Inc. vs. Tony Roy & Buddy Lane

Before the match, IRS calls the “tax cheats” in the crowd guilty of tax evasion. IRS beats on Lane as Lawler jokes about Whippleman opening up the urn. Lane floats over and nearly rolls up IRS for the win but is quickly double-teamed by Money Inc. Roy tags in as DiBiase beats him down and Money Inc. stays in control until DiBiase uses the Million Dollar Dream for the win (1:45). However, we see the Steiners come down the aisle. Rick then asks for a title shot right now as the fans cheer but Money Inc. bails as DiBiase looks into the camera and says “when we want to”as the fans chant “chicken.”

Thoughts: Nice segment to put pressure on Money Inc. to actually defend the titles but the champs will do it on their own terms.


We go to the hosts with Lawler predicting Yokozuna will become champion after King of the Ring while Savage cannot make up his mind as to who will win the tournament.


Final Thoughts: Typically, the shows before the PPV were just basic, last minute hype but this show had a hot angle. We also saw a confrontation between the Steiners and Money Inc. plus the debut vignette of a new team coming to the WWF as this was a more noteworthy show than I would have imagined.