Wrestlers who would get over today that weren’t then?

Are there any wrestlers that didn't get over during a particular era that you think would get over today?  I could actually see Dan Severn getting over now, or at least better than he did with the WWF 20-21 years ago.  I think his silent badass character and UFC background would play better in the 2019 WWE than the late WWF 1990's Attitude Era.  

Really?  I don't think so, Jack Swagger was basically the same kind of character and wrestler and he didn't get over much. 
You know who would have flourished if he debuted in 2019?  Dynamite Kid.  We've now come to a point where someone his size doing his crazy shit can immediately get accepted as a mainstream star.  Which is not to say he wasn't over at the time, because he was a god in Japan and tag team champion in WWE and legend already, but I think he'd be a top tier World champion level guy almost immediately today.