The Princess Rant for NXT September 30, 2015

(A couple of housecleaning items. The October 6, 2015 NXT is a review show with nothing but highlights and that Dusty Rhodes tribute video that always makes me cry so there’s no reason to review that. So the next show to do a review of Takeover: Respect by the weekend.)

The Princess Rant for WWE NXT September 30, 2015

Taped from Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla.

Hosted by Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton

Before we even get to the intro there’s that Kyle Edwards guy again doing the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic update from the NXT Control Center. He goes over the highlights of the quarterfinal match between The Hype Bros and Jason Jordan and Chad Gable from a house show. The not-yet American Alpha won with the not-yet Grand Amplitude to advance to the semifinals. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are already in the semifinals after their upset win over the Vaudevillians.

Now we get the Intro

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic quarterfinal: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Samoa Joe & Finn Balor.

Cass and Joe start things off and they both no sell a shoulder block before Class finally drops him. Joe takes Cass to the floor and they scrap out there before Enzo hits a suicide dive on Joe and Balor follows up with a somersault plancha on Cass. Enzo and Finn stare each other down as we go to a break.

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We’re back and Enzo catches Balor coming in on a charge with a boot and adds a middle-rope DDT. Both guys make the tag but Cass gets the hot tag and hits Joe with a corner splash but Falor kicks Cass coming off the ropes and Joe gets an STO for two. Cass, however, rallies with a big boot for Joe and another one for Balor to send him to the floor. Empire elbow gets two. Joe tries to rally with a headbutt but Cass catches him with a Bossman slam. Tag to Enzo and the rocket launcher gets two as Joe rolls out of the pin gives Enzo a muscle buster. The coup de grace ends it. Super hot finish but I felt like I got a Coliseum Video edit of a **** match. So I can only give it **1/4.

— Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa say they thought they would do better in the Dusty Rhodes Classic and they expected to be better. Gargano says the future is now and he’s excited to be going against Apollo Crews tonight. Gargano and Ciampa talk about their friendship with Crews when Tyler Breeze interrupts and says a friend of Crews is an enemy of his. He challenges Ciampa for a match later.

— Another ASUKA promo complete with some cool highlights and a look back at her signing last week.

Johnny Gargano vs. Apollo Crews

They lock up and Apollo drops Johnny with a shoulder block and catches him in a fireman’s carry but Gargano counters into a rollup for one. Gargano with a boot to counter a charge and then he uses the ropes for some version of a tarantula. Rope sequence and Crews rocks Gargano with a dropkick. He might have caught him stiff because Johnny takes a quick powder. They both try rope moves and avoid them but Gargano hits the slingshot spear. Snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head for Gargano gets two. Abdominal stretch with a arm extension from Gargano but Crews get a hiptoss to escape. Roll through kick for Gargano, however, and he slows it down with a front face lock. Crews counters with a suplex and has things going with two clotheslines and a corner splash. Flying lariat from Crews sets up the Gorilla press and standing moonsault splash for three. Pretty smooth stuff here from two guys very familiar with each other. **1/2

— Commissioner William Regal has Emma and Dana Brooke in his office and says that the mean girls might have embarrassed him with their antics last week so he wants Dana Brooke to put her actions where her mouth is and face Asuka at NXT Takeover. Brooke says that they aren’t scared but Regal shows them “highlights” of Asuka from his laptop. It’s just a lot of grunting and kind of sounds like a rape porn but their expressions quickly change and Emma shrugs her shoulders tells Dana “good luck with that”.

Dana Brooke & Emma vs. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

So here is the first appearance of the IIconics together is case you were wondering. Royce with several cover attempts for one counts. Tag to Billie Kay and a double team kick combo gets two Tag to Emma and Kay with a head scissors takedown and a beautiful delayed hanging suplex for two. Billie Kay could actually go before she became a joke character. A little heel manipulation turns the tide and Emma gets some ground and pound. Brooke and Emma do a kicking stampede in the corner and a double team gets a two count. Body scissors from Brooke but Kay leans back and gets a two count. Brooke sends her to the buckle and tags Emma again. Emma uses the ropes to choke and gets a two count. Body scissors with a plank from Emma and Kay fights out with an elbow. Emma, however, cuts off the ring and a forearm shot gets two. Emma slaps her a couple of times but gets a forearm off a charge and Kay drops her with a big boot. Both tag out but the hot tag to Royce who does a couple of a nice leg strikes and a drop kick but she BOTCHES the fuck out of a middle-rope cross body. Either she mistimed her jump or lost her balance. It looked ugly. Royce gets two off a drop-kick but Emma comes in and breaks it up. Brooke gets the fireman’s carry into the arrow for three. Perfectly watchable until that awful botch. *1/2

— Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are with Devin Taylor. Jordan wants her to call him “JJ” (Gable: Oh, that’s sick man). Devin asks if they can overcome the odds and Gable is like “Odds? I wrestled in the Olympics…duh”. So whether it’s Dash and Dawson (Jordan: Not likely) or Finn and Joe, they are the favorites. Gable tries to get their catchphrase inbefore Dash and Dawson interrupt and complain about them losing the 8-man in Brooklyn. Wilder’s lisp is rough. Dawson, however, is a good enough promo guy. It ends with an argument. If you didn’t catch the few promos of American Alpha as heels, it’s actually good. They had the mannerisms down perfect but fans liked them too much.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tyler Breeze

They do a silly counter sequence and Breeze tries to get in top position but Ciampa mocks him. Breeze with a chop and Ciampa returns the favor. Breeze misses a chop and Ciampa kills him with his. Ciampa with a running knee to the corner and a back elbow before a second running knee gets a two count. Breeze tries to escape but Ciampa lays in another chop. He sets too early, however, and Breeze gets a reverse neckbreaker for two. Breeze pounds away in the corner. Snapmare and quick leg drop gets a two count. Breeze with a front face lock but he doesn’t use the ropes…C’mon Prince Pretty! Ciampa fights back to his feet and backs Breeze into a corner. Breeze tries for a DDT but Ciampa throws him off. Knee from Ciampa and a running yakuza kick gets two. An elevated downward spiral from Ciampa gets another near fall. Ciampa goes for a powerbomb but Breeze rolls through and gets a kick in. Ciampa, however, comes back with a nasty forearm and another stiff knee. Spinning lariat gets another near fall as the crowd is feeling the upset here. Ciampa goes to the top rope but Breeze stops the move. Ciampa fights off from the top turnbuckle and flies but Breeze hits the dropkick from the ground and gets two. Breeze, now pissed off, goes to town on Ciampa in the corner and hits the Unprettier for the three count. Fun little match. ***1/4

— Baron Corbin and Rhyno say the only thing that can stop them is them. Corbin says the tournament is already over and everyone’s looking at the winners.

— The announce team runs down the upcoming Takeover card and they do a nice video package hyping the main event between Bayley and Sasha Banks by showing the video package from their last encounter at Takeover: Brooklyn and then adding in some clips of them training intertwined with promos. As always the WWE does this stuff better than anyone.

Bottom Line: Nothing bad here.