Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The WWE put on a nice little Network special last night despite lacking in fanfare and build up. Which is proof that all you need is a hot crowd and motivated workers to make a good watch.

With that behind us it’s all Wrestlemania all the time until the big show. Apparently Batista is scheduled to be in the house tonight and the Shield are having a farewell announcement and I feel like we’ll know Roman Reigns’ and Dean Ambrose’s WM plans during that speech.

We’ve got seven NHL games including my Lightning taking on the evil Toronto Maple Leafs and six NBA games.

Other TV fare out there…there’s The Voice…there’s the season finale of “The Passage” which I quit watching after a couple of weeks. And there’s a John Lennon documentary on A&E. And also lots of NFL free agency news I’m sure.

Keep it clean!