RAW may be best watched on mute these days. I honestly can’t take the constant branding with these supposed “nicknames.” Scottish Psychopaths, Empresses of Tomorrow,  and The Almighty… I dunno if the Excellence of Execution or the Rattlesnake was created in a room or just a one-off from Monsoon or JR on commentary that suck, but it seemed more organic. Also helped that not every bum in the company had a little 

t-shirt ready tagline.

Is Seth a Kingslayer or is he still an Architect? Almost better that Renee calls everybody and everything, “Ohhhh!"

I’ll give them this much: they are absolutely relentless.

My favorite was Ronda's supposed "shoot" promo on Becky and Charlotte that was circulating recently, where she laughed at them for being "fake" but made sure to work "WWE Universe" into the rant.  Gotta maintain the branding, even when you're going off-script.  

The ones I really hate are stuff like Nikki Bella being branded with "Fearless".  Why is she "fearless", exactly?  What has she ever done to demonstrate that?  

I will say, it makes it easier for things like the WWE Champions game to insert new versions of the same character over and over, because all you have to do is change the WWE branded nickname, and boom, it's an entirely new guy!