Marriages That Should Have Been

Hey Scott—

In one of your recent Superstars reviews, you mentioned it would have made more sense to marry Undertaker with Papa Shango for all the occult nonsense, and Warrior/Beserker since they were both bonkers.

That got me thinking: what other pairings should we have seen? Any era, disregard how good the workrate would have been. What wrestlers should have been put together based on gimmicks/personalities that we never saw?

For me, I would have loved Hogan/Rude. I know we’ve heard rumors about heat between the two, or that Hogan thought Rude was too small and nixed a potential program, but I think they could have had a nifty little house show feud in the winter of ‘87-‘88 before the DiBiasie/Andre/Megapowers fandango.    
As I've championed many times before, Hulk Hogan v. Nikita Koloff in 1986 would have enabled WWE to go public 15 years early because of all the money it would have drawn.  Probably would have let Koloff retire and found his own church.  Even if they had convinced Koloff to come in for Wrestlemania VII, it still would have been pretty huge, I think.  
Also, the mythical Hogan v. Jake the Snake feud from 86 as well.  Would have been a perfect pairing, although Hulking up after the DDT would have killed the move, so maybe it's for the best.  But damn that would have been awesome.  I would have cheered so hard for Jake hitting him with the DDT on the concrete!